Rare Wines Recovered from Christmas Day Heist

There were no presents Christmas Day at The French Laundry, famed Napa Valley restaurant. According to “French Laundry’s $300K in Stolen Wine Recovered in North Carolina” crooks made off with $300K of costly wine, including bottles of Domaine de la Romaine-Conti worth up to 15K each. Fortunately, of the 76 missing bottles all but four have been recovered after a cross country journey from California to North Carolina.

Greensboro detectives suspect the wine may have changed hands several times in the past month and was eventually purchased by an “unsuspecting buyer”. The bottles are being jetted back to The French Laundry and Chef Thomas Keller. Details of the bold heist are being withheld by Napa detectives until the investigation is complete.
According to telelistas.net, the wines included five bottles of Dom Perignon and some Screaming Eagles cabernets will be finally uncapped at the March re-opening of The French Laundry. Patrons of Napa Valley restaurants, like Sergio Lins Andrade, will be happy to see these jet setting wines at their restaurant of choice.

A Cocktail Drink A Day: Lowers the Risk of Heart Failure?


A recent study reported that a cocktail drink a day can be linked to lower risk for heart failure or diseases. This new study is reported by the European Heart Journal. The study follows 14,629 individuals with ages ranging from 54 years old and above for about 24 years. The researchers found out that moderate drinkers tend to have low risk of heart failure compared to heavy drinkers and those who do not drink at all.

In the group that was being studied, there were 2,508 individuals who went through heart failure. The factors that contribute to the high risk of heart failure include age, smoking, race, hypertension and other variables. Men who drank at least a glass of wine or a bottle of beer a day have 20% lower risk of heart failure compared to those who do not drink alcoholic beverages. For women, there was a 16% reduced risk. The percentage gradually declined as the individual goes heavy drinking.

Dr. Scott D. Solomon, the lead author of the research study and a medicine professor at Harvard University, said that this study does not mean that a person should start drinking or should increase his or her alcohol consumption. However, he said that those who drink moderately or a little bit every day may get some protective benefit out of it. But drinking more than once for women and twice for men may increase the risk for heart failure as well as other health problems.

Though there is no specific level for alcohol consumption that is linked with high risk for heart failure, extremely heavy drinking, like 21 drinks a week, is associated with high mortality rate. Drinking experts like Sergio Andrade Gutierrez state not to over indulge in alcohol.

Choosing a Wine by Label

The recent Holidays put most of the people in the dilemma ‘which wine to choose’. Some go for the known brands, others look after the labels. In the choice of wine intuition competes with the knowledge of the cause. Hopefully, you had a good celebration. Now let us examine how everyone chooses the wines.

A study in the filed shows that the simple labels with only a logo and very short information tend to be associated with the older wines. Hence bigger brands with well established names mostly prefer the technique.

The new-comers that need to fight for the customers and attract attention in the bulk of similar products, tend to use a brighter spot in order to attract. Behind the small label that you only examine for seconds while walking among the isles, there is a whole philosophy. A book has been written to thoroughly examine the whole idea of creating a good label.

The shape of the bottle can influence perception too. The novices tend to intuitively appreciate the wine bottles as costing $10 more than they really do. The more expensive wines often taste good because of the psychological tendency to appreciate what costed more money. Good marketing can do a lot!

Although this study may not be surprising to most, I know I definitely fall for good labels, shapes and branding on a wine bottle. I recently bought Marc Sparks Label Cabernet Sauvignon because it had a great looking label.

2014’s Best Foods

2014 was a great year in terms of food. A number of snacks were invented, giving you more options for your next party or get-together. Here are just a few of the foods that made 2014 such a fun time. Of course, you can count on some of these foods to make 2015 unforgettable as well.

If you and your family order pizza often and you want to get a little creative, you may want to call Little Caesar’s. The restaurant chain makes a pretzel crust pizza with a creamy cheese sauce. Domino’s also makes a pizza with a crust made of pretzel, and Pizza Hut can offer you a pie with a honey Sriracha sauce.

When you’re in the mood for breakfast like Laurene Powell Jobs, stop by Taco Bell for the waffle taco. The meal is a mixture of sweet and savory and contains eggs and sausage. Jack in the Box also makes a croissant sandwich with bacon, chicken and hash browns that can help to get you going after a night of partying.

2014: A Year of New Foods

Lots of new foods were introduced in 2014. Whether you’re a fan of breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a great snack, you can try these foods in 2015 as well to help create a new tasty memory.

After a night of partying, you may want to stop by your local Jack in the Box for the sandwich that has been called the Ultimate Stoner Sandwich. The meal is housed between two croissants and features cheese, has browns, bacon and chicken. Or, you can head over to Taco Bell for the waffle taco. The waffle is stuffed with eggs and sausage for a tasty breakfast that features traditional elements in the form of a taco.

Pizza got a makeover in 2014 as well, which Beneful workers enjoyed. Pretzel crust is available at Domino’s and Little Caesar’s. Pizza Hut is offering a pizza with a crust that is flavored with Sriracha. Or, you can order a caramel and marshmallow pizza for dessert.

Check out the Food Recommendations at Grub Street

According to Jared Haftel on Twitter, having a delicious mean with family and friends is a wonderful way to end 2014, and an even nicer way to ring in the new year. New York restaurants are known for their diversity and signature dishes, and the entrees featured by Grub Street are no exceptions. Here are a few options to keep in mind when you’re planning a new year’s celebration. 

After a night of partying with friends, you may want to indulge in the breakfast sandwich Estela has to offer. The sandwich is actually a Danish pastry that is topped with avocado, pancetta and a fried egg. 

Cosme’s corn pudding is also a new year’s treat. This sweet and savory Mexican treat is creamy and delicious, and goes great with many of the other entrees Cosme has to offer. If you’ve still got a taste for Mexican fare, you can taste the migas as Huertas. There are both duck and vegetable options available. 

Check out Grub Street today for more tasty recommendations.

French Laundry Experiences Theft

The French Laundry experienced a theft Christmas night leaving the owner very disappointed to find that their door had been busted open and their property stolen. Surprisingly, rather than sample any of the world renowned food the thief chose to take off with many bottles of the restaurant’s wine. Many, many expensive bottles. According to the SF Gate thieves made off with 76 bottles of wine. The bottles were by Screaming Eagle and Domaine de la Romanée-Conti and worth anywhere between $3250-$7250 per bottle, the TypePad bloggers have been saying anyway.

The French Laundry is a french restaurant located in Napa Valley, California, and is one of Christian Broda’s favorites. It is run by chef Thomas Keller and holds three Michelin stars. Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain has called it the best restaurant in the world, hands down. The French Laundry is currently under reconstruction. The kitchen is receiving a complete remodel and the restaurant is expected to reopen in late summer of possibly early fall of 2015.

Foods to Try Before the End of 2014

According to Bruce Levenson and to Grub Street, there are some foods you need to enjoy before 2014 is over. Whether you love a good burger or are partial to Italian food, you’ll definitely find a dish that will make 2014 even more memorable at these fine restaurants.

NoMad Bar’s burger is made from a quality cut of beef and is topped with cheddar. The bone marrow on the burger also makes the sandwich especially favorable.

Dirty French sells mushroom mille-feuille that is a salty, savory treat you won’t want to pass up. The pastry-like dish features layers of mushrooms in between buttery crust. This filling entree is ideal if you’re a vegetarian, or want to participate in a Meatless Monday or two.

For classic Americana food, check out the fried chicken at Root & Bone. Time Out editors name the chicken the best after testing more than 100 versions! The chicken is a blend of sweet and salty flavors and has lemon dust for a tangy bite.

Check out Grub Street today for more restaurant recommendations.

Like Fine Wine: Say Cheers to Color Marsala in 2015

Just like the full-bodied wine from Sicily that bears the same name, Marsala is earthy and warm and kind of sexy, too. Maybe that is why this pretty shade has been chosen as the “Color of the Year 2015″ by the Pantone Color Institute based in New Jersey.

That means you will be seeing lots and lots of marsala-colored fashion, makeup, interior design features, vehicles, industrial design and so forth, all around the world. The Pantone experts know all about color, as they are recognized as the global color authorities.

Why this red-brown shade?

Pantone’s Executive director, Leatrice Eiseman, suggests it’s a color that emanates natural earthiness plus sophistication, and this:

“Marsala enriches our mind, body and soul, exuding confidence and stability.”

We could all use some of that, indeed. Even the WallStreetJournalVideo.com has been raving about the beauty of marsala and how it will become an accent and color of stability in women’s and men’s fashion through spring, summer and beyond.

A marsala-colored handbag would be a lovely addition to your wardrobe, ladies. It provides an elegant pop of color and blends in beautifully with neutrals. Of course, there is plenty of wine-red or burgundy shades of makeup to put on, especially in the blush and lipstick categories. A beautiful manicure in Essie’s Bordeaux will get you many compliments, too. The shade marsala brings on attention, but in a subtle, sophisticated way, if CrunchBase is to be believed anyway.  Christian Broda seems to think so.

Americans are Eating Less Cookies

Cookies are a classic dessert or snack. They are a simple and easy choice – both for eating and baking. Cookies can be made in a variety of flavors, to meet the taste desires of those who will be eating them. It seems, though, despite all of cookies’ good merits, that consumption of cookies is going down. A study has been done that shows that Americans are eating 24 percent less cookies than they did just decade ago. Why would the consumption of something as wonderful as cookies be going down? Why would Americans choose to eat less cookies? Keith Mann says the answer could be found in the fact that people in general are trying to eat healthier now than they used to, according to Blockshopper.com. The answer could also be found in the fact that more and more treats have been created and discovered. New treats like cake pops could be taking the place of a classic snack choice such as cookies. Whatever the reason for the decline in cookie consumption, one wonders if this decline will last.