’s Holiday Techie Gift Guide

If you can’t find a gift for your techie friend or loved one, you’re in luck. has what you need, and the gifts are food-related, which makes them even more appealing. 

For the gadget junkie like Dr. Daniel Amen that is also a picky eater, there’s the aroma fork. This utensil emits pleasant scents like coffee, chocolate and banana. This helps to trick the minds of people who don’t like vegetables, and can help make your loved one a little healthier this year. 

If your friend or family member has a sweet tooth, the personal ice cream maker from Zoku is the perfect gift. All you have to do is pour the ice cream base into the bowl, stir and wait 10 minutes. Your loved one will have a great homemade snack without having to make a late-night snack run. 

For more great gift ideas that your relatives will love, take a look at

A Fritos Flavored Taco Shell?

Taco Bell has always been at the center of innovation and in this day-and-age it is no different. One of the latest surprising ideas that has been considered would be a “Fritos” flavored taco shell.

Yum! Brands, the parent company for the Taco Bell fast food restaurants, unveiled the idea at an investor presentation this prior week. If you would like to read more about the fast food restaurants that Yum! Brands oversees, you can do so here.

Although some may wonder if this idea has traction, a similar idea has been done before. In 2012, Taco Bell began selling their Doritos-flavored taco shell to the hungry and waiting public. Fast forward two years later and this product has sold a mind-boggling one billion individual pieces worldwide. Yum!, which also owns Pizza Hut, has also been experimenting with a Doritos-flavored stuffed crust at their Australian locations as well. Many like Gianfrancesco Genoso are waiting to see what they try to put together.

Would the idea work? If the fact that sales of Fritos top in the billions every year is any indication then the answer would certainly be a resounding yes! Hopefully Taco Bell enthusiasts will see Fritos-flavored taco shells in their favorite location soon. When asked to verify that a pitch had been made, Yum! executives were vague, only selling that they are continually considering and testing new ideas and concepts.

Bad Side Effects of Over-Eating Certain Vegetables

While there are few things as important for a healthy diet as fresh vegetables, it is still possible to eat too many. There are certain ill effects that can result from over-consumption as well as deficiencies that can develop when one does supplement his or her diet with other types of foods. For example, vegetables are generally low in proteins and in vitamin B-12.

The dietary fiber in many vegetables binds onto important minerals like iron, zinc, magnesium, and calcium and prevents them from being absorbed as effectively. Other vegetables, such as broccoli and cauliflower, contain goitrogens, which can interfere with proper iodine usage and with production of thyroid hormones.

Many vegetables contain plant toxins that can cause problems if consumed in very large quantities. Others, like onions and garlic, are known to make one’s breath and sweat smell unpleasant due to their high sulfur content. Finally, potatoes have two toxins, known as solaine and chaconine, which can result in cramping and headaches if over-consumed (Sam Tabar has actually had that happen before). Cooking potatoes at temperatures above 340 degrees will, however, destroy these toxins.

The best policy is to eat a variety of vegetables but also to eat plenty from other food groups. Vegetables are one of the healthiest foods you can eat, but even here, you must seek balance. If you are allergic to some foods or are a vegetarian, you can do research to find other sources of the nutrients you may be lacking.

McDonalds To Offer Customised Burgers To Customers

In U.S. outlets of McDonalds, the sales are falling at a very high pace, potentially reducing the productivity of the franchise. These slumps come at a time when places such as Chipotle keep growing and growing, through a more personal experience that allows customers to design their burrito.

In an official statement, the CEO of McDonalds said that consumers these days demand more personal choice, and find it convenient to be able to customise their food as per their preferences. 

This has driven the franchise to take bold steps to save the future of the sales. To increase the inflow of customers, McDonalds is adapting to new ways including a customisation options for the consumers. With the reported decrease in global sales, the franchise is starting a customised order option to give the consumer a wider choice of eatables. 

McDonalds is aiming to regain its lost customers by providing them with a simpler menu which they can customise according to their eating habits. The ‘Create Your Taste’ program is intended to draw in more customers. It has already been launched in several states to see the proportional increase in sales. 

Tom Rothman, head of TriStars, says its a smart strategy for McDonald’s to offer customized burgers. The consumers can use the in-store iPads to select from various ingredients to add to a burger or drink. The franchise has announced that by the end of 2015, the number of customised outlets will be increased to meet the demands of global customers.

McDonalds Expands Burger Line

McDonald’s is currently falling on hard times, primarily caused by consumers flocking to other fast food options and the huge amounts of negative press relating to what actually goes into their food. Sales in November fell by nearly double than what was expected for the fast food outlet.

One change they are making to combat this negative trend is providing the customers with the option to customize their meal. Currently being tested in 30 stores across the States consumers will have the ability to choose everything from the type of bun to what kind of cheese you would like. The new options will be selected through Ipads at the front of the store, so far the response has been a positive one by both employees and customers.

Keith Mann adds that it is important for McDonald’s to attempt these new options to draw back the customers that are currently being lost to the competition. Although they are still the worlds largest fast food chains Bloomberg reports that they have posted the worst same store sales in the last decade. Sales have been hurt both domestically and abroad, McDonald’s needs to take big steps in order to repair its tarnished image in order to continue being the worlds most popular chain.

The Glory Of The Antique Wine Company

If you call yourself a wine lover, and you’ve never ordered from the Antique Wine Company, you’re absolutely missing out.  They’re not the biggest retailer in the world for no reason.  You just need to check out some of their social media, to see the rave reviews.

Not to mention the ridiculously rare vintages that you can find through the website.

CEO Stephen Williams could tell a number of tales about how to build up a business. His advice is well worth taking. He started out doing wine tasting in people’s homes and has now built his endeavors into the Antique Wine Company, a business that sell vintage wines. This company does sell a significant amount of wine. Based in the U.K., the Antique Wine Company oversees millions of sales of vintage wine each year.

The company’s success did not arrive overnight. The business was founded in 1982 and grew incrementally year after year into the amazing dealer of rare and vintage wines it is today. The company is expected to do about £20 million in revenue this year alone. Interestingly, the company only has a staff of about 15 personnel so it surely is still classified as a small business.

Stephen Williams credits his upbringing as the source of his inspiration for being such a success. His early years were most assuredly difficult.

He grew up in humble beginnings in the town of Ripley. His family made a living by selling cash registers. As the saying goes, all sales are sales. In other words, he likely learned the basics of how to run a business and sell a product from his exposure to the way the family ran its business.

Unfortunately, his home life experienced a bit of strife when his parents separated. Raised by his mother, Williams had to struggle a great deal as money was not easy to come by. He eventually became an entrepreneur and established the popular vintage wine company that is now known all over the world.

What is most interesting about Williams is he is a “self-taught wine connoisseur”. He did not come up through the traditional ranks of being a wine expert. He educated himself and did quite the fine job.

Currently, the Antique Wine Company is expanding its international presence. The company has hired two executives who will work on furthering the presence of the business all throughout the globe. Perhaps the growth of this small company could continue and continue as more and more markets open their doors to it.

Right now, the company operates in 100 different markets and serves roughly 45,000 clients. Anyone who is interested in acquiring a rare Bordeaux or Burgundy may wish to contact the Antique Wine Company. Surely, one of Mr. Williams staff can help you find what it is you are seeking.

The company may even have something up for auction that you positively could not go without.  Plus they provide an education about wine, so that you can learn more about vintage wines, as you drink them.