Yeonmi Park’s Freedom from the North Korean Dictatorship.

Yeonmi Park is an activist, who was born in the North Korean city of Hyesan near the Chinese border. During her childhood, she experienced a harsh life including King Jong-il’s cruel dictatorship. Yeonmi’s father was a hard working employee of the ruling party. Living in North Korea was demanding, so he had to smuggle metal to get some extra income to support his family, but he was later arrested and sentenced to work in the labor camp for seventeen years. His family was also marginalized as part of his punishment, and life became unbearable for them.
At the age of thirteen, Yeonmi and her mother fled from their homeland to China at night through the frozen river of Yalu. Her elder sister had escaped first to the north since she could not endure the punitive state they that they lived. The two needed a lot of courage to dodge the border guards. They arrived China safely but did not apparently know what to do next. Their joy at that moment was that they had left the harsh environment.

The primary goal of Yeonmi and her mother was to find their way to freedom, which was far than they had imagined. After they had arrived China, they were kidnapped by human traffickers and suffered for two years. Yeonmi’s watched her mother being violated when she tried to stop the criminals from raping her. Their captures sold Yeonmi as a sex slave at 260 dollars, but her master later set her free and joined her parents. Her father had also fled North Korea to be with his family in China, but he then passed on due to untreated colon cancer.

Yeonmi and her mother were affected by this misfortune, but they carried on with their quest for freedom. They crossed the Gobi desert on foot to the Mongolian Border while using the stars as their only guidance and had to persevere the freezing temperatures. They later managed to get to South Korea by plane. Yeonmi wrote and released a book on called “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom,” which gives her traumatic tale. She is currently an activist and studies criminal justice in South Korea. Yeonmi’s intelligence is remarkable for a 22 years old girl, and she has had an opportunity to address people in North Korea at the United Nations Human Rights Conference which will likely be trending on YouTube.

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Visual Search Engine Changing How Companies Interact with their Clients

The Facebook’s Chairman and CEO, Marc Zuckerberg has recently shown a keen interest in the image recognition technology during the recent annual developer conference. He outlined that the company is committed to developing social network’s artificial intelligence plans aimed at building systems that have a better perception than people. He then demonstrated the already complete image recognition technology which helped the blind to “see” what goes on in a picture and explain it loud.

Image recognition technology is making progress to programs that are meant to help the visually impaired, make safety features for cars and extracting business insights from socially shared photos. The upcoming LDV Vision Summit already in its third year will focus mainly on the impact of image recognition in our society even though the conference is primarily dedicated to content analysis, visual tech, VR and cameras and medical imaging.

The advancement in the computer vision technology nowadays has created new opportunities in analyzing images and impacting in every business vertical. The technology is cutting across different industries including automobile, advertising, and the augmented reality.

It is already being used on other forms of artificial intelligence such as gaming, natural language procession and bioinformatics. One of the reasons this field has progressed is the expansion of open-source, more affordable computing and user-friendly programming tools.

It is evident that artificial intelligence is changing the way we think about computers, and it is the next big thing. The range of uses and technology tools to be produced will depend on how exactly the different tools will work and ways the business will adopt them as a way to offer image tech to the world. Currently, the world is grappling with various image technology systems because difference companies make them and yet they can’t integrate. For instance, Google’s TensorFlow is different from Facebook’s DeepFace and Microsoft’s Project Oxford.

Other companies such as Slyce are focused on developing market oriented visual search technology to help brands and retailers to interact with their customers much better. Slyce has already made deals with different brands to develop the technology for their products as the visual search technology advances in the market. Slyce is being recognized as the leader in the visual search industry making tremendous gains in connecting companies with their consumers. The same technology is being pursued by large corporations such as Google and Microsoft making 2016 the year of breakthrough in the world for visual search and image recognition.

Original article can be accessed on TechCrunch

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George Soros Notes Similarities Between China’s Economy And The U.S. Economic Crisis

Recently, George Soros noted that China’s economy, which is fueled by debt, is similar to the United States economy prior to the 2007/2008 crisis. According to Soros, the country’s credit growth on registered in the month of March should be taken as warning sign. This situation portrays that the government is prioritizing growth over the management of debt. The surge in the new credit enabled China’s economy to register impressive growth in March, thus causing the rebound of the property sector. George Soros noted this situation was registered in the United States between 2005 an 2006.

Soros said that the money provided by the banks is required to keep loss-making businesses afloat. Lately, Soros has been caught in a war of words with the Chinese administration on owing to his views concerning China’s economy. Early this year, Soros pointed out that he has been betting against the Asian currencies. This is because the likeliness of a hard landing in China was extremely high. Xinhua, a state run news agency refuted this claim in an editorial noting that he had made similar predictions in the recent past.

Additionally, Soros asserted that the most banks in the country have more loans as opposed to deposits. The country is also facing challenges with both the asset side and the liabilities side. According to him, banks were lending to each other. According to George Soros, this situation was aggravating the instability and uncertainty concerns. He also added that the country was deferring the problem, thus increasing the risks of economic crisis.

Soros is not the only person who is concerned with China’s borrowing. Andrew Colquhoun, Fitch Ratings’ head of Asia Pacific sovereigns on, noted that what is driving the economy at present might end up derailing it in the future. He said this during an interview in New York where he also added that they were losing confidence in the Chinese government’s dedication to structural reforms. However, HSBC Holdings Plc’s, Qu Hongbin, thinks that concern about China’s economy are overblown. In a speech, Ma Jun, the central bank’s research bureau chief economist noted that recent growth in real estate investment, industrial value addition, and producer price indicate a better economic outlook.
This information was originally reported on George Soros Notes Similarities Between China’s Economy And The U.S. Economic Crisis

About George Soros
George Soros is the founder of the Soros Fund management as well as the Open Society Foundations. He was born in Hungary in 1930. George Soros fled to England in 1947 during World War II. In England, Soros went to the London School of Economics before settling in the U.S. where he made a big fortune through Soros Fund Management. Soros has been an active philanthropist since 1979. He has helped and supported different initiatives through his own funds. Soros is an author and has written over twelve books including 2014’s, The Tragedy of the European Union.

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Helane Morrison: An asset to the corporate world

You may have heard of the many struggles revolved around the corporate world. One of the largest issues is running a company that complies with rules and policies. Chief compliance officers are appointed all around the world, but finding one who makes sure the business is being run fairly is the true challenge. In a recent online article, it talked about the apprehension experienced by Compliance Officers concerning their liabilities, should they be guilty of corporate misconduct. Helane Morrison is a woman of many roles revolved around the guidelines within a company, who really makes a statement with the quality of her work.

Known for being associated with Hall Capital Partners LLC, Helane has made it a point to help manage the issues we see today in the corporate world. Not only is she a Chief Compliance Officer, but she is also is a Managing Director and General Counsel. Located in San Francisco, CA this investment firm is an established well known one. Ms. Morrison is also a member of the Board of Regional Parks Foundation, among other groups.

Helane Morrison also works as director to the SEC, serving Northern California, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Alaska, Idaho and northern Nevada. She has an agressive agenda to finding flaws within a CCO’s responsibilities and is the first woman to earn this role. Morrison works hard to fix any problems regarding policy with a company and has conducted several major investigations. Helane is known to be fair, tough and someone who is helping the corporate world immensely. She has worked enough positions to know the ins and outs of running a company and what is acceptable. She is a force to be reckoned with an an asset to the corporate world.

Connect with Morrison on LinkedIn

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Beneful Dog Food Is Different: Here’s Why

There’s nothing more beneficial for your dog’s health than to provide him with a dog food that is well balanced, nutritious and provides him with energy to run and play. If you are active with your dog, then you surely want to help give him the energy that he or she needs to keep up with you. I always like to take my dog with me when I go on excursions to the park, to the beach or to the forest. I want to keep him healthy, so I buy premium dog food that I can trust.
Differences In Premium Dog Foods

There are some major differences in premium dog foods that make them a lot better for your dog than the other brands of dog food on the market. Some of these differences were highlighted in an article that the Daily Herald posted on their website. The article talks all about how premium dog food companies use higher quality ingredients, and they even have different procedures in place that guarantee that their food is good enough to serve to your dog.

The premium dog food selection at my local pet store is not very large. However, they just happen to carry the one premium dog food that I know I can trust. I love to buy Purinastore Beneful brand for my dog because I feel like it is so much better for his health. Beneful uses high quality ingredients that my dog needs in order to keep healthy.

Beneful sells their foods at most pet stores, and they even sell their foods at some retail stores, like Wal-Mart. I just found out that you can buy Beneful online ( as well, so you can see that there is no reason not to give your dog what he or she deserves to eat. If you want to prove to your dog that you love having your dog by your side, then you should really take time to find the food that will help your dog live a long and happy life. Here is the article I referenced from the Daily Herald.

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Show Your Small Dog Some Love

Small dogs require big care, and no one knows that better than Beneful. That’s why they have developed Beneful Incredibites wet dog food along with Beneful Medleys. This delicious canned dog food is specially formulated for small, adult dogs to keep your furry friend on the move.

Beneful Incredibites beef flavor has hearty chunks of beef, along with tomatoes, carrots, and wild rice. This wet dog food contains 100% of the nutrition your small dog needs to stay strong and healthy.

Does your small dog prefer chicken? Beneful Incredibites chicken variety contains real chicken (a great source of protein) along with a rich medley of vegetables. Your pet will love the mix of rice, tomatoes, and carrots to accent the hearty main course.

For your seafood-loving pup, try Purinastore Beneful Incredibites Salmon flavor. You know the omega-3s in salmon are great for your health, but did you know they are also great for your dog? With tomatoes, carrots, and wild rice, your pup will love this variety, and you can rest assured you are giving your dog the very best in nutrition.

If your pet enjoys an international flavor, or you just want to add a special treat to your pet’s dry food, check out Beneful Medleys. Beneful Medleys Tuscan Style wet dog food contains a rich sauce to complement the beef, carrots, rice and spinach. The Romana Style flavor contains real chicken, pasta, carrots, and spinach. These Italian flavors will make your pup think he is on a European food tour. You will be sure he is getting 100% nutrition from

Pick up Beneful canned wet dog food today for your small dog. Show your pet some love. Visit Walmart website for Beneful products today!




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Back To The Future With Self Tying Shoes

Nike is continually pushing the limits of what a it means to own a great shoe and that streak is continuing with the introduction of the self tying sneaker. All fans of the Back to the Future movie franchise will recognize this type of shoe from the movie. They are now a reality thanks to Nike. They were putting a model of the shoe on display for all to see last year when Michael J. Fox wore a pair of the shoes, to get people excited about the technology. Self lacing technology will be a part of Nike’s shoe line for the 2016 holiday season. “Hello, McFly!” That is awesome!

The shoe works on a simple concept, when pressure from your heal hits a sensor in the back of the shoe the shoe automatically tightens. So it appears that the shoe is working on its own. For those who need simpler guidance to make the ties loose or tight there are buttons located on the side appropriate for each action. The fit can be adjusted to make them feel just that way that you like them.

This shoe is just the first installment in changing the way that people tighten their shoes. Having laces that tie themselves is a technology that will appeal to all generations of shoppers because people of all ages love the films and dream of a world filled with hover boards and self tying shoes. Nike is hoping to capitalize on the market and provide improvements to the initial model. That will allow for the sneaker obsessed fashion world on to follow this new trend for a long time to come. This is just the beginning.

One of the locations that will more than likely be interested in this new phase is going to be JustFab. This is an online subscription fashion retail website that allows its members to purchase the latest styles for a discounted price. JustFab is all about providing the latest fashion items at a price that members simply can’t resist. There is no need to wait for the latest trend to come to a mall near you, JustFab will allow its members to have easy and early access to all types of trends.

Once a person becomes a member of JustFab, they have VIP access to many of the greatest deals in fashion on the web. This also means that at the first of the month there are going to be special fashion deals available to each of the members and it will be shipped to them in their size. This will conveniently help keep any wardrobe stylish and fresh. All members of JustFab can opt out of the monthly choice if they desire by conveniently checking a box on the website.

It is truly a wonderful world on that we live in as the clothes we wear are starting to develop the styles and looks of the movies we watched in our youth. Self tying shoes are going to be a huge trend in fashion because they represent something in a favorite movie that has come into our reality. They also leave you with the wonderful thought that anything is possible.

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Slyce Reports Its 2015 Earnings

Sylce, the image recognition company that allows consumers to take photos of products with their mobile phones, and then get the chance to purchase the product from retailers, has announced its earning for the year and the fourth quarter of 2015.

The company reported gross earnings of 1,692,291 dollars. Their spending amounted to 13,761,758 dollars. There was a net loss of 12,064,466 dollars.

In February 2016 Slyce picked up 7 million dollars from a lead investor with the hope of securing more funding.

One of the business highlights in 2015 was a partnership with the company Slyce’s image recognition software will let mobile phone customers snap pictures of any women’s footwear in the real world, or even from photographs. and then be provided with buy options from the website product line.

Slyce expanded the use of its technology at Neiman Marcus to its entire product line, including women’s apparel. shoes, furnishings, and men’s fashion. Slyce’s NM app will give customers a chance to snap 3D images and get matching products from Neiman Marcus’ line of available products for purchase.

Other companies that partnered with Slyce and its technology is Urban Outfitters and their Anthropologe and Face brands, The shoe store chain Shoe Carnival are also using Slyce apps.
Slyce has also developed new products in 2015. The Universal Scanner will offer recognition of any type of object, including physical items, pictures in magazines and flyers, and even bar codes.

Slyce Link is an app that shows customers a line of similar products as they are checking out after making an online purchase.

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Remax Seeking to Grow Urban New York City Sales

A recent news article in Real Estate Weekly details Remax’s new plan for the New York City real estate market.

David Linger, of Remax, recently bought back the Master Franchise for the state of New York in hopes of growing sales in the urban NYC area. Recently, Remax has increased sales in New Jersey to 20% and has almost the same market share in Pennsylvania, and New England. Traditionally, Remax has been more of a suburban player and industry experts say urban areas like New York City require a different set of skills. The higher prices bring more competition and Remax will be entering a very competitive landscape in NYC with well established players.

TOWN Residential is one such player. TOWN has been in the New York City market for well over five years and offers luxury residential and commercial real estate services. According to its website, it offers best in class customer service and has established a high standard of excellence in the NYC real estate market.

In addition to working with talented professional with high industry knowledge and experience, TOWN is also listed as a great place to work. TOWN has been listed in the top 50 best places to work in New York City. The company also has four locations in New York City. TOWN’s founder, Andrew Heilberger, believes in the neighborhood approach to the NYC real estate market and stresses the need for offices in every neighborhood.

Another competitor is Anthony Franzese who founded a franchise of Weichert Realtors. Franzese believes his success has come from really knowing the market and not just relying on a name.

Linger of Remax believes that the problem lies in branding and finding the right salespeople. He is confident that Remax will break into the NYC market succeed and be there to stay.

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Eat Chocolate to Improve Your Memory

If you want to be smarter, then eat chocolate, according to a study of over 1,000 people that was recently reported in the Washington Post. The study conducted by the University of Maine followed 1,000 people over a five year period.

Sam Tabar and other supporters of AWI who reported eating chocolate on a regular basis were found to be smarter in the areas of working memory, abstract reasoning, scanning and tracking and visual-spacial memory. Sam Tabar and other researchers say this part of the memory translates to being able to do real things better including remembering phone numbers, recalling grocery lists and multi-tasking.

The design of the survey did not let researchers determine for sure, but the data suggests that starting to eat chocolate now may improve your memory. Research has already proven that eating chocolate can help improve heart health, help you lose weight and releases happy hormones within the body.

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