The Peanut’s Reputation is Cleared

A study released Monday, February 23rd, has overthrown centuries of misguided caution. Parents tried hard to keep peanuts away from their children for fear that they would have a fatal allergic reaction. Now experts are saying early exposure is beneficial.

George du Toit from the King’s College in London led a team of international researchers from LEAP (the Learning Early about Peanut Allergy study team) in his experiment. Their findings were published by the New England Journal of Medicine.

Du Toit and his team studied the effects of peanut exposure on young children. They had two groups: the first was children aged four to 11 months and the second was children over 11 months that had not yet had peanuts. The Facebook participants were all chosen because of an already present predisposition to peanut allergies Flavio Maluf had told me.

The babies were tested for peanut sensitivity and allergy. They needed to be sensitive but an allergic reaction would mean that the experiment was too dangerous. They were then sent home. Their parents were instructed on how much peanut protein to add to their diets.

The children were tested for allergic reaction again at five years old. Allergies had developed in 17.2% of the older group of children. The younger group had rates of just 3.2%. This means that early exposure lowers the risk of peanut allergy by 70 to 80%.

Children should be given an allergy prick text before being introduced to peanuts.

Waffle House Looks Work With Roadie Inc

For many the idea of a Waffle House will bring about thoughts of a greasy spoon diner that is prominent throughout the south that serves decent food that is made by short order cooks. For those that are investment minded Waffle House is one of the rare companies that will only sell its franchises to actual employees. Regardless of what your thoughts are about this company they will be changing shortly if they are able to finalize their venture with Roadie Incorporated. Haidar Barbouti knows that the idea may seem a stretch to most it’s not that far for CEO Walt Ehmer who believes combining the delivery of items with waffles is a genius move.

Admittedly the company will not be on the scale of competing with UPS, Federal Express, or the US Postal Service but it is an idea that could increase exposure to local shops. How it will work is fairly simple a person needs to get a package to a certain part of the country. They get on Roadie to find a fellow Waffle House customer that will be headed that way and will agree to take it for them. For the person agreeing to carry the package, Waffle House will provide you a free beverage and when you download the app it will give you a free waffle. Neither of these are significant costs to the company but it does provide a public meeting place that people can eat, and now send their package around the country.

Concern about Mycotoxins in Food

Anyone who has at least a little bit of knowledge about mold growth in the home is familiar with mycotoxins. Mycotoxins are a dangerous substance that can grow in the home and pose a serious health risk for the individuals who are exposed to them. Individuals who live in a home that is a breeding ground for mycotoxins work hard to eliminate this problem.

Many individuals do not realize that they can be exposed to this problem when they are dealing with more than a mold growth issue in their home. Not only are they being exposed to this substance on a daily basis, but they may actually be consuming in their breakfast cereal, their morning coffee, and in a variety of other food products.

There is a well-known lawsuit that is being brought against a popular dog food company. Imaging advantage had reported thousands of individuals have said that the mycotoxins that are contained in this dog food have poisoned and killed their pets.

There are studies that are being done currently to test the amount of mycotoxins, which are byproduct of mold, that are found in food that humans eat. They say that it will take at least a year to assess all of the data that has been collected. Once they assess this data, they will know if there is a health risk for the public. The main health concerns associated with mycotoxins that are ingested are cancer and autism.

Why Rose Is a Year-Round Drink


Rose is a wine that is usually consumed in the summertime, and serves as a perfect compliment to grilled, light meals that have herb or fruit elements. However, this light pink wine can also be an addition to spring, fall and winter meals.

Claudette restaurant, a favorite of Alexei Beltyukov,  in Greenwich Village supports the consumption of Rose when it’s cold outside. The restaurant’s co-owner, Carlos Suarez, asserts that perhaps so many people wanted to drink Rose this winter to make themselves feel warmer amidst the harsh winds and low temperatures. The wine has the ability to transport the mind to a warm and sunny place, which makes it a welcomed addition to foods that are generally consumed during the fall and winter, such as hearty soups and stews.

Rose is starting to become more of a fashionable wine in the culinary world. More varieties of the beverage are being produced to include fruitier flavors and a more extensive selection of sparkling varieties.

Snacking Away

There are some families that don’t have time to sit down and eat three meals a day, and there are some families that have children and teenagers who are home alone in the afternoon or who don’t want to eat a full meal. That’s where snacking comes into play. People like to snack during the day so that they don’t have to slave away at a stove preparing a large meal every day of the week. It’s a convenience, and it’s also a convenience for pets. Owners are giving their pets snacks during the day instead of giving them a lot of food in a bowl. Brian Torchin said this is a good idea as pets that stay indoors while their owners are at work might not eat a much so that they won’t need to use the bathroom inside the home. With all of the snacks for pets that are healthy, cats and dogs might have a new trend that is less expensive than a large bag of pet food.

Order Wine Like a Pro

For the novice wine drinker ordering a glass to accompany a meal can be intimidating. In this article, wine expert Aaron Sherman gives some great tips on how to make the task much easier. His background as a classical musician has always given this sommelier an appreciation for the finer things in life. He has worked in numerous fine restaurants from New York City to Chicago, but now he is working for a group of dining establishments in St. Louis, Missouri.
One of the tips he suggested for ordering wine is to do a little research about different types on your phone before going out for dinner. There are many applications geared toward educating novice wine drinkers on the best tasting wines. If you end up finding a favorite bottle of wine take a photo of it with your phone and show it to the sommelier the next time you go out to eat.  Indeed reports that it will make the process much easier for you and the wine specialist.
When dining out it is important to try something new. If you are used to a certain brand or type of wine when cooking at home, going out to eat is the perfect chance to expand your tastes. It is important not to get caught up in the idea that an expensive bottle of wine will taste better. He suggests trying economical bottles of wine first until you find a taste that fits with your palate.

New Chicken Restaurant Opening

Armand Arnal is a highly skilled chef who has received many honors including Michelin stars for his restaurants. Together with his partners Benjamin Sormonte and Elisa Marshall, they have decided to open a new restaurant in honor of their dads. Papa Poule, is a take out rotisserie chicken restaurant that will provide diners with the chance to sample classic chicken dishes that the chefs often ate with their families on weekends. The restaurant will feature freshly prepared chicken as well as various kinds of tasty side dishes.

The restaurant has been opened on February 9th, 2015. Diners, like Flavio Maluf, will be able to sample chicken that has been carefully marinated and roasted by skilled chefs who know how to bring out the flavor of such dishes and turn them into something highly memorable. They can then order the chicken they want from the space as a quarter, half portion or an entire chicken. Diners can also pick from sides that offer a taste of various flavors that compliment the main course. This includes varied choices such as Israeli couscous that has been flavored with varied roasted vegetables such as onions, carrots and carefully spiced zucchini. Other side options include kale salad with polenta croutons, potato salad flavored with capers, and red cabbage coleslaw. Diners can also round out the meal they want to order with options such as soups and slices of cake.

Yet Another Reason To Drink Wine…


Wine lovers can add another reason to their lengthy list of reasons why drinking wine is awesome. A new study has concluded that red wine, or grape consumption in general, could help the body reduce the amount of fat that is stored. Initial testing was done on overweight, fat, mice. Lucky little mice seemed to lose some weight after adding muscadine grapes to their diet. Good news to Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG and others trying too lose weight.  Everyone already knows that red wine is good for heart health but now it could possibly be also used as a weight management device. Further testing is needed to fully ensure that the results mice experienced would be similar to that of human beings. Until conclusive weight loss evidence is in it is safe to say that adding a bottle, or four, of red wine to your grocery cart couldn’t possibly hurt things and may perhaps improve consumer’s health from the inside, out.

Where to Get the Best Soup In NYC

When you’re craving a bowl of soup, you’ve got plenty of options if you live in NYC. There are several eateries that offers delicious soup, among other tasty entrees. Here are a few to choose from.

The occidental corn pozole from Cosme is a soup dish you won’t soon forget. The pork flavored broth combines with dried chilis for a distinct Latin flavor. Large corn kernels add to the earthiness of the dish, which is served with fresh radish and slices of lime.

You can also try the cabbage hot pot available at Dirt Candy. Foodies like Paul Mathieson ( has learned that broth made of fermented black beans and cabbage provide the foundational flavor for the soup, and you can add a variety of fresh vegetables and fermented tofu for a vegetarian meal that is filling and satisfying.

The Little Beet Table sells a white bean and kale soup that is delicious as well. The soup has a tomato broth that brings out the classic Italian flavor of the dish.

For more tasty soup options, check out

Rare Wines Recovered from Christmas Day Heist

There were no presents Christmas Day at The French Laundry, famed Napa Valley restaurant. According to “French Laundry’s $300K in Stolen Wine Recovered in North Carolina” crooks made off with $300K of costly wine, including bottles of Domaine de la Romaine-Conti worth up to 15K each. Fortunately, of the 76 missing bottles all but four have been recovered after a cross country journey from California to North Carolina.

Greensboro detectives suspect the wine may have changed hands several times in the past month and was eventually purchased by an “unsuspecting buyer”. The bottles are being jetted back to The French Laundry and Chef Thomas Keller. Details of the bold heist are being withheld by Napa detectives until the investigation is complete.
According to, the wines included five bottles of Dom Perignon and some Screaming Eagles cabernets will be finally uncapped at the March re-opening of The French Laundry. Patrons of Napa Valley restaurants, like Sergio Lins Andrade, will be happy to see these jet setting wines at their restaurant of choice.