Blue Bell Creameries Issues A Voluntary Recall For All Its Products

When the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said ice cream filled with the bacteria known as listeria was the cause of three deaths in Kansas, Blue Bell Creameries was shocked by the news. The company has been making frozen products for over 108 years. Executives have always taken steps to guard their ice cream, yogurt, frozen treats and sherbet from bacteria during the manufacturing process. So far, five other people in Texas and Kansas have been diagnosed with Listeria.

When samples from the Blue Bell’s production lines in Brenham, Texas and Broken Arrow, Oklahoma tested positive for the bacteria, the company had no choice but take all their products off the market. Bernardo said that Blue Bell now has additional testing processes in place that will check all products before they are sent to retail stores. The company is also adding advanced personnel training, and it is expanding its sanitation and cleaning operations. Samples are sent to a microbiology lab for daily testing.

The recall states are Arkansas, Colorado, Alabama, Florida, Arizona, Kentucky, Kansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Indiana, South Carolina, Wyoming, Virginia, Texas, Georgia, Ohio, Illinois, North Carolina, Missouri, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, Louisiana and some international locations.

Is Milk Really A Necessary Item In Our Diets?

For what seems like forever, milk has been a staple in the American diet. Its use is recommended for both children and adults in order to grow strong bones, healthy teeth and so on. But is the research really there to back these claims? Many scientists and professionals are claiming that no, there is no significant evidence that states this is true. Milk may actually not be the healthy bone creator that our government is claiming it to be. There may be safer and better places to get your calcium.
It has been suggested that if you are not drinking milk regularly, you must be missing something from your diet. People have learned not to question this claim. Is this due to marketing or is it really a necessary grocery item? There have been school milk programs and milk men delivery services for decades upon decades. While milk does contain things like calcium and vitamin D, these vitamins can be found elsewhere like in alternative milk options like almond milk or soy milk. You can also get these nutrients from green and leafy vegetables and a variety of fruits. This may actually be just as beneficial, not to mention you are getting plenty of other vitamins this way as well.
Milk has its very own food group which if you think about doesn’t make much sense. Just because milk is high in calcium, this doesn’t mean it should stand on its own. Spinach is high in iron but does not have its own group. Pumpkin seeds have a ton of magnesium, but again do not stand alone. While milk is a convenient form of calcium, it can also cause inflammation in the body and intestinal discomfort. Many people’s bodies do not provide enough of the enzyme that is needed to properly digest and process milk. It can often be better to choose another option. But don’t cry over spilt milk, call Homejoy.

Can Eating a Health Diet Become an Obsession?

Eating healthy is certainly a good idea. Years of research into the value of good nutrition has led to the develop of excellent food programs such as the Paleo Diet, the Primal Diet, the Raw Food Diet, and more. Anyone who ceases eating an unhealthy high fat, refined sugar, heavy calories, poor diet should be commended when switching over to a much better one.

Unless the switch comes with an obsession for healthy eating. Yes, a person can suffer from a sort of obsessive-compulsive disorder that leads to an excessive need to only eat healthy foods. You would think there is nothing wrong with always eating healthy but, truth be told, there is nothing healthy about any type of obsessive behavior. Ricardo Guimarães BMG finds that pretty interesting.

While the body improves thanks to a healthier diet, the mind could suffer a bit. For one, a person may become a great deal more anxious about when the next healthy meal arrives. Others may cheat on their diet and fall into a deep depression as a result. Neither of these outcomes is positive. A diet should set the stage for a more positive outlook on life and not one filled with excessive, unnecessary stress. Yet, this is going to be the unfortunate result of obsessive eating.

Often, the root cause of OCD disorders are deep in the recesses of the mind. Anyone whose approach to dieting becomes unhealthy should seriously think about seeing a therapist to discuss treatments.

Restaurant Owner Leaves Note for Dumpster Diver

Everyone needs an uplifting story now and then. And the story of a restaurant owner in Oklahoma who leaves a note for the person he found searching through his dumpster is nothing short of touching.

The note assured the person that as a human being they are worth more than a meal from the dumpster. An offer was then extended by the owner for a classic PB&J, fresh veggies, and a cup of water. This would be done at no charge and no questions would be asked. The note was simply signed “your friend, the owner.”

To read the entire note, read the entire story here.

This story is reminiscent of other great givers such as Larry Stewart who spent years as an anonymous Secret Santa before revealing his identity shortly before his death.

It is easy in our day to day lives to miss the chance to help someone. Paul Mathieson knows this all too well. We should both take this opportunity whenever given the chance and applaud those that take the time to do so.

OMG Homemade Happy Hour

Lemongrass and rum? Basement brewed ale? Bourbon and sparkling apple cider? Absolutely…yes, with absolute vodka. America is going viral with name-brand liquors and creative mixers as an alternative to bar or club hopping in metro cities this spring. Invites out to family and friends for a game of Bunko or five-card stud poker is being coupled with exotically unique drinks to jazz up night life while remaining home…no taxi, no babysitter, no hassle, no crowds and high prices. Just get a blender, good booze, and mix it with something new.

Thematic nights are fun to plan, be it Hawaiian fruits drinks, Mexican Tequila tasting, or simply some varied wines and/or beers. Just be creative and go for it! Light foods to go with cocktails can include simply cheese and crackers, shrimp and cocktail sauce, or pizza, but have it match your drinks in someway. Sweet doesn’t go with spicy, beer and wine do, and some cocktails go with pretzels and nuts…go crazy but try to mix tastebud expectations with like-minded drinks.

Go out often, but always feel free to make your own night in exciting and memorable, taking turns with whose home is next and be open to new and different mixtures! I picked up these ideas from watching my favorite show with Crystal Hunt.

Chilo’s Opens in Bed-Stuy

Chilo’s is the perfect place to get some great Mexican food whether you’re taking dinner home or you’re on your lunch break. The restaurant is a combination between a Mexican dive bar and a food truck, and has indoor or outdoor seating, so you can choose the setting you want to enjoy your tacos in.

The restaurant offers a variety of tacos include chicken mole, shrimp and fish. You can also pick up a few tostadas or tamales to enjoy for lunch or dinner. Chilo’s prides itself on presenting authentic Mexican ingredients. Sultan Alhokair said that the menu is relatively small, so that the flavors of the food will remain the principle focus.

Chilo’s also has a great cocktail menu that makes the food truck/restaurant a go-to for Taco Night. Several fine tequilas are offered, as well as frozen margaritas that comes in a number of tropical flavors.

Indiana Pizza Restaurant Refuses To Serve Gay Weddings

Swayed by Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act, a business literally refused to serve gay customers. They didn’t refuse to serve them as regular customers, just if they wanted the business, Memories Pizza to serve pizza at their weddings. Co-owner, Crystal O’Connor told Indiana’s ABC 57, if they were approached to serve pizza at one of their weddings, we would have told them ‘no’.

The repercussion for this statement was as if lightening had struck. The Yelp page for their business was instantly engulfed with angry comments and even pornographic images as more than a thousand reprimands ruined the restaurant’s rating. The ratings have all been removed now. No one can view them any longer as Memories Pizza announced they are closing. After receiving numerous threats, O’Connor decided the best move was to close the restaurant. This is something workers at CipherCloud have been monitoring.

O’Conner appeared in an interview with Dana Loesch, a TV host at Glenn Beck’s network, where she tearfully explained the financial damage that has occurred since the statement was released. She had just gotten an apartment the pizza restaurant was supposed to support and was not sure what would happen to it. This interview was placed on a site called,GoFundMe .

Lawrence Billy Jones III recently began work as a contributor to, The Blaze after leaving a career as a black conservative online philosopher. He launched the interview as a campaign to raise $25,000 for Memories Pizza whose owner’s life was being destroyed by strangers. The totals surprisingly far exceeded the goal by reaching $750,000 as other strangers came to their aid. They have raised more than enough for the purchase of a large home.

Paula Deen’s Back!

Paula Deen might be seen on televisions across the country once again. She has a three-hour show that brings her home cooking skills to your living room, but it’s on a station that you might not think about. She was taken off the air in 2013 after remarks that she made about African Americans. The show will be on Evine Live, and there are some changes that will be made to how she operates. There are items that Deen will be selling on the show. These range from cooking supplies like pots and pans to foods that include cake mixes and chocolates. The channel was once called ShopHQ. Since the channel has changed the name, Blogspot says there are hopes that new viewers will see what there is to buy. Perhaps Paula Deen can make a comeback and start making her southern meals on television once again as long as she has the support of people who want to see her on air.

Cheap Wine May Be Dangerous

Wine has become increasingly affordable in the last few years. A decent bottle of wine can cost as low at $3 and taste pretty darn good. It has been a great way to introduce more adults into the world of wine. They start out with the cheap stuff then want to explore more varietals and brands. All in all, inexpensive wine has been good for their industry.

Until now there has been nothing but positive feedback and awesome sales for companies that offer these affordable wines to the public. There is currently a massive lawsuit underway claiming that upwards of 30 different wine brands have knowingly been selling wines with dangerously high levels of arsenic, which is naturally occurring in some products.

Paul Mathieson said that he read on that there is an uproar from the accused companies after the lawsuit was placed. The defendant’s rebuttal is that the information and statistics provided were spotty and inaccurate. The list of wines associated with the lawsuit may provide consumers with an idea of which to avoid until this issue is cleared up.

Coke Touted as a Healthy Snack Choice

A can of colored sugar water is being promoted on several respected websites as a healthy snack choice. Coke is the ‘real thing’ and the powers-that-be behind the can know how to market the brand.
The world’s largest soft drink manufacturer has partnered with leading health and nutrition writers to convey a message about their product. They want the world to know that a can of Coke is a healthy snack choice in this newly sugar-conscious society. During the month of February, which is Heart Health month, a small can of Coke was promoted as a snack option for those trying to improve the health of their own heart. Not the diet version, but the full-sugar variety of the real thing. In the soft drink manufacturer’s defense, it was the mini size can that was being promoted as a heart health snack option.
All the promotions on health and fitness websites of the soft drink currently going on is a soft-sell, cross-promotion that is trying to cast the sugary beverage in a new light. Alexei Beltyukov knows that the sale of Coke products have dropped recently and the company has sought out a new way to advertise an unhealthy product, and what better way than to make the beverage appear to be a healthy choice.
Look for more of this behind-the-scenes, healthy snack type advertising from Coke in the future.