This Boston Bakery Is Stuffing Doughnuts With Lobster

“The concept of a doughnut sandwich — that is, naturally, a sandwich wherein the bread is replaced with slices of doughnut — has been steadily rising from menu novelty to totally normal thing to eat”. This story as told in Grubstreet about lobster stuffed glazed doughnuts, has taken food experimenting to another level. As if the glazed donut/hamburger sandwich wasn’t enough.

While I know we have to try different things to know if we will like them, or to be daring, some things are just better left alone. Left to be separate and enjoyed all by themselves! Lobster is to be enjoyed dripping in butter and maybe with a portion of steak. Donuts are to be enjoyed with a hot cup of coffee or tea, a large cup of milk or hot chocolate even. But a donut stuffed with lobster, I agree with Grub…when I say a resounding NO! Best selling author Daniel Amen may have a different opinion about the value of these foods and you can check his book out on

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Burger King Employee Dumps Fryer Oil into Sewer Drain

The manager at a Burger King in Lake Worth, Florida told his employee to dump used fryer oil into the sewer drain for disposal. What are people thinking? Are there no environmental morals anymore?
Joseph May was driving by when he noticed what was going on. He decided to stop and use his phone to record a video of this heinous action. Let me also note, that this was done in the middle of the day. The manager didn’t even have the smarts to tell his employee to commit the crime in the dark.
Folks at Anastasia Date have learned that, needless to say, Burger King got involved and thankfully fired the manager and another employee. A clean-up crew was also hired to decontaminate the sewer drain. It’s unclear if legal charges are pending, which they should be, since dumping waste into a sewer is a crime in Lake Worth. I think Mr. May at least deserves a special crown from the King for his public service.

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14 Pound Baby Greets Staff At West Penn Hospital

Michelle and Brad Hall got the shock of their lives when they delivered their baby boy at the West Penn Hospital. The famous Philadelphia medical center had never seen a nearly 14 lb. baby born. The child weighed in at 13 pounds and 10 ounces and had to be delivered via C-section.

Michelle Hall knew her child was large. She thought for a long time that she was carrying twins. The ultra sounds only showed one baby, but he kept growing and growing. The average baby weighs 7.5 lbs. When Hall gave birth to a baby nearly double that weight, she set new records at the hospital.

An ideal weight for a newborn is anywhere between 5.5 and 8.8 pounds, as Paul Mathieson is quick to point out. A child that is over 9 pounds is at risk for obesity, heart disease and a plethora of other issues. Can you imagine how Hall felt carrying a fetus of this size? Her husband stated that she was miserable most of the pregnancy. There is no record in either side of their family of larger than average babies. Brad is over six and a half feet tall, but height is not the real issue here.

The little girl is healthy and doing well. She certainly shocked a few of the medical staff and blew some records out of the water, but she is doing just fine. The child was named Isaac and he’ll go down in history.

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Jean Nidetch, the Founder of Weight Watchers, Dies

Weight Watchers is one of the most prominent names in dieting around the world. With locations in 30 countries and millions of pounds lost, Weight Watchers has proved time and time again that their system works. This system would not be available to the world if it weren’t for Jean Nidetch. The founder of Weight Watchers, Jean lost 72 pounds herself with tips from dietitians before realizing that she could start a business helping others do the same.

At 91, Jean Nidetch had reached a point in life that many others only wish they could achieve. Not only did she achieve a successful weight loss and start her own multimillion dollar company, but she also managed to write three books, establish several college scholarships, and even continue offering support to members of the Weight Watchers community despite her age. Jason Halpern is impressed with all her accomplishments.

Her official obituary states that she died in her home in Parkland, Florida. She is proceeded in death by her ex-husband, Marty, and a son, Richard. She is survived by her son, David, as well as millions of Weight Watchers members that will continue to carry on her legacy with their own personal successes.

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You Might Want to Switch Your Poison – Bourbon Shortage

Bourbon drinkers stock up! There is a shortage of bourbon and it’s not going to get better anytime soon. When the housing market collapsed in 2007, so did the lumber market. Well you need good, solid oak to make bourbon barrels and bourbon is usually aged 2 plus years. So it’s not looking good for bourbon prices for the next several years, since the demand for oak barrels is so high and production so slow.

Jack Daniels just made the situation worse by winning the battle over lawmakers wanting to change the definition of Tennessee Whiskey. It’s still required to use new oak barrels and there cannot be any creativity used to age the whiskey faster. So you still have to wait years for really good aged bourbon.

On the flip side, barrel makers are getting paid well. Industry trend analyst Jaime Garcia Dias reported that oak barrels usually go for 60 dollars, but with today’s shortage, some manufactures are getting upwards to 250 a barrel.

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How to Eat Healthy While Dining Out

Dining out with loved ones and friends is one of the simple pleasures in life. Many people rely on restaurants for their meals each day and it’s literally their way of life. But with all the media attention on the amount of fat used in restaurant foods, consumers realize the food is not healthy and have begun to demand restaurant foods with less fat, less sugar and fewer additives.
Some of the fast food chains have listened and have taken steps in the right direction. Plans to phase out antibiotic-laden chicken and add more healthier food options to the menu are good, but still don’t provide consumers with the minimally processed, natural food they are demanding.
New menu items are being offered at some chain restaurants that will satisfy the appetite. Pret A Manger offers fresh made sandwich boxes that are under 600 calories and feature a piece of fresh fruit. Several restaurants, such as the Panda Express and Capital Grille offer ‘small plate’ entrees that are filling and under 700 calories.
Christian knows that portion control is key when dining out. For the past couple of decades consumers have demanded super-sized meals restaurants responded. By ordering an appetizer as a meal, or small late entree or one entree and dividing it you can dine out and stick with a healthy eating plan.

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The Dorchester Collection shows how to create a brand from a series of individual hotels

The Dorchester in London is one of the most exclusive and individual hotels in the world and is the flagship location of the increasingly impressive The Dorchester Collection chain. Headed by CEO Christopher Cowdray, The Dorchester Collection has become perhaps the premier luxury hotel brand in just under a decade since the chain was established under a banner in 2006. At the time of establishment the five hotels owned and operated by the Sultan of Brunei across the world were known for their luxury and excellent customer service, but were not identified as a single chain of hotel location owned by the same company.

The former manager of The Dorchester, Christopher Cowdray was brought in as CEO in 2007 in a bid to unify the hotels in the eyes of the public without losing the individual sense of style and opulence each exemplified. How does a brand go about creating an identity without losing the image and style of each part within the chain. This challenge is one that Cowdray faced and solved by placing the main importance of the brand on customer service as he fought to retain the individuality of each location in the chain. The importance of customer service is pushed at all times by Cowdray who sees his own position as the first step in customer service and requires every employee from himself down to offer high quality customer service at all times.

Over the course of the life of The Dorchester Collection, the perfect locations are always sought by the brand to extend the reach and offerings of the group. The chain is well known for refusing to place flags on the map purely for the sake of adding another location and remains a small chain of just 10 hotels in 2015. Existing locations that did not fit with the image and business plan of the group have been sold as partnerships have also been begun for The Dorchester Collection to offer more locations based on the requirements of its owner and CEO. Stay updated with news from The Dorchester Collection by liking their Facebook page.

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Bud Light Comes Under Fire for Slogan that Promotes Rape Culture

Bud Light has come under fire for a tag line that is emblazoned on several of their beer lines. The tag line, “The perfect beer from removing “no” from your vocabulary for the night”, is followed by the hashtag UpForWhatever. Many believe that the line not only references the rape culture, but promotes it.

The tag line was brought to light by a Reddit user who posted a picture of a beer that he or she received. The original whistle blower has not come forward, publicly. By the end of Monday evening, several news stations had picked up the story, and the picture had made its way around social media websites.

Budweiser was quick to offer a public apology, stating that the tag line clearly missed the mark, and that there was not enough thought that went into the marketing campaign. They went on to say that they do not promote the rape culture, and that was absolutely not the original intention of the slogan.

This is not the first time this year that Budweiser has had to issues a public apology. Just a month ago, the company was admonished for tweeting to its users that they should “pinch” people not wearing green for St. Patrick’s day. They also encouraged readers to pinch people who were not “#UpForWhatever.

Lawyerist reports that this second misfire from the company has many wondering exactly who is controlling the company’s public relations and marketing departments. One would think that after the St. Patrick’s day faux pas they’d work diligently to ensure they are not promoting violence, specifically violence against women. This simply has not happened, and many are questioning whether the apology is genuine.

The company has stated that the slogan will no longer be used on products that are being produced. There is no word on whether or not they will recall bottles that bare the slogan.

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Big City Food Trucks May Have To Post Health Inspection Score For Consumers To Easily See

Food trucks are all the rage in the U.S., major metropolitan cities have the greatest numbers of mobile restaurants due to the heavy demand for their products. Sergio Cortes loves the food trucks. NYC undoubtedly has a huge market for food trucks with an ever-growing fan base. From hot dog carts to gourmet macaroni and cheese, there is hardly anything that you cannot get from a food truck there. A new proposition suggests that these mobile establishments be forced to be graded on an A-F letter scale and then made to prominently display the score to potential customers. So far vendors have supported this proposed law, they are proud of the work that they do and want to show citizens that they are top notch both in sanitation and in taste. The proposed change would also help consumers know what they are getting into before they bite into potentially questionable food. Let’s hope it passes legislation and provides transparency on cleanliness standards at each establishment.

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Some Foods May Contain Fewer Calories Than You Think

It is possible that you are consuming fewer calories than you think. How? Using the traditional way of measuring the amount of calories in a certain type of food may possibly overstate the number of calories they actually contain. The way that calories are counted measures the total amount of energy that is contained in a particular food. Depending on the way that the food is consumed, the body may not use all of it.

Paul said that this is good news for individuals who are dieting or who are trying to maintain their weight. For the most part, people are used to hearing diet related news that only makes them feel depressed and may make them feel like they will never reach their weight loss goal. However, this is great news for individuals who use calorie counting as a way to lose weight.

Just look at food that contains a lot of protein and fiber, like nuts. Around 25 percent of the calories that are contained in nuts are not digested but are simply moved through the body. Isn’t this great news? This idea does not apply to all foods though. For example, you are not going to consume fewer calories when you eat things that are easily digestible, like junk foods. So you cannot count 25 percent fewer calories for things like French fries, ice cream, and cake. This new understanding may help individuals to lose weight and improve their food choices.

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