Julia Child’s Beloved French Home Set to Become a Culinary Retreat

Long before Rachel Ray and the Barefoot Contessa, Julia Child became the first female TV chef superstar. Child’s expert knowledge of French Cuisine coupled with her easy-going and affable personality garnered her legions of fans and introduced–and made practical–the idea of fine dining at home. By the time of her death in 2004 at the age 92, Julia Child was an icon of both American and French culture. Now, thanks to American lacrosse coach Jon Urbana, fans can partake of Child’s legacy first hand.
According to Boston Magazine, Johnson has purchased Child’s beloved French retreat, La Pichoune. Translated to English, “the little one” is the house built by Child’s and her husband Paul in 1963 in the town of Plascassier, near Provence.

The house was put on the market in the Fall of 2015. That’s when Makenna Johnson stepped in. Not only is Johnson an alumnus of Smith College–the alma mater of Julia Child–she is also a Child’s fan and a Francophile herself. When she heard of the iconic home hitting the market, she knew she needed this house. Johnson plans to establish the home as a culinary retreat with the first week-long session scheduled for April 2017. The sessions will be all-inclusive retreats complete with cooking lessons , free time in Provence, and even yoga. Johnson promises to turn “home cooks into courageous chefs” in a comfortable, family setting.

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Yeonmi Park: A Personal Journey to Inner Strength

There are many tales in this world. There are stories both real and fantasy that can capture the imagination. Fairy tales often come to mind. It’s a mixed bag of themes throughout. There is one theme that connects many fairytales, cruelty. At least, this is true for the original versions.

In modern times, a number of these tales were morphed into something palatable for the children. This, in turn, left the origin of these stories hidden. The violence minimized and soothed with songs. It seems easier to hide what’s ugly and whenever possible replace it all together. Some of these stories do serve a purpose as cautionary tales whose cruelty showcases what could and probably has happened in the world.

Yeonmi Park, a defector of North Korea has a story to tell. This story isn’t for the faint of heart and it is very real. She gives an account of her experiences in her autobiography, “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom”. What can be called ridiculous by many was a way of life for her, her family, and the 25 million people still living in North Korea. Yeonmi Park‘s book also details her escape and journey to get to South Korea.

As far as Yeonmi Park is concerned this tale, while not finished, is happily on-going. She made it to South Korea and began soaking up her new reality like a sponge. One aspect of her new life that she is making full use of, is the freedom to speak one’s mind. Seeing how the world, in general, took North Korea as a joke she, very bravely, decided to tell her story. In revealing her truth, her hope in humanity has been restored. She now goes around the world speaking to audiences with the hope that one day, hopefully in her lifetime the conditions in her home country will improve.



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Dick DeVos and the Liquor Industry

The well-known Michigan political couple Dick and Betsy DeVos are moving into the liquor industry. 

The DeVos’s holding company, Windquest Group based out of Grand Rapids, has started the process of purchasing the Coppercraft Distillery. The first step in the acquisition process is the license transfer, which was approved by the LCC on January 20th. The transfer of the liquor license will take up to 6 months for the state to approve and therefore a source at Windquest confirmed that it was still too early to talk about the acquisition. The distillery provides more than 100 locations across Michigan with whiskey, gin, vodka and rum. Walter Catton III, who had opened the distillery in 2013 said there are many expansion ideas to follow including the production of handcrafted wines and beer. 

Dick DeVos is a Michigan based entrepreneur and the son of Richard DeVos who is the cofounder of Amway. Dick was the CEO of the company from 1993 to 2002. In 2006 DeVos ran for the governor of Michigan but lost. Forbes magazine in 2012 listed him as the 67th richest person in the United States with a net worth of approximately $5.1 billion, much of which he has given away through his family foundation. Dick has four children with his wife Betsy DeVos who is an American Politician, philanthropist and business woman. According to his LinkedIn, DeVos received his bachelors degree in Business Administration from the Northwood University and later attended Harvard Business School and Wharton Schools however he did not graduate from them. Dick’s involvement in his fathers company, Amway, started in 1974, where he held a number of positions in different sectors of the company. These included finance, sales, marketing, manufacturing and Research/Development. In 1984 Dick became vice president of Amway and had responsibility of operations in 18 different countries. He played a pivotal role in the company opening in new markets around the globe as well as tripling international sales for the first time since the companies inception. Dick DeVos left the company only to rejoin as the President of Amway and to succeed his father Rich DeVos. Nowadays, Dick runs his own business and enjoys pursuing his hobbies of sailing and flying as well as being involved in various charitable endeavors via his organization, which you can learn more about here: http://www.dbdvfoundation.org/about/.

The Windquest Group which was mentioned earlier is an investment management firm that is privately held with holdings in manufacturing, technology and other sectors. Their main focus over the years has been renewable energy as this according to the DeVos’s is an important part of our future.


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George Soros and the Factors of the Crisis

There is a huge crisis in the world. The world economy is in trouble. George Soros states that this crisis is actually a lot like the 2008 crisis, and precautions should be taken. Investors are advised to be very careful when thinking about making financial decisions. There are many different factors that are contributing to the worldwide crisis. For one thing, there are a multitude of crises feeding off each other resulting one major crisis that is going to bring a huge blow to the economy. This is something that actually started in Greece.

This crisis in Greece according to George Soros was mishandled in a way that resulted in the problem getting worse. For one thing Europe is faced with four internal crises with one external crisis from Russia. With all of the crises added together, the EU is going to have to decide which crisis is the highest priority. In this case, they are going to have to deal with one issue that is greater than all of the others. The others are expected to fall in place. With the way Greece was handled, this didn’t do anything to help matters.

When Germany helped Greece, they charged a lot of interest which the country couldn’t afford. Another mistake that Germany made with Greece was to impose their own reform on Greece in a way that more or less smothered them. Germany micromanaged Greece. A better idea would have been to allow Greece to figure out the reforms. The amount that was lent to Greece was very little. While the authorities of Greece are not perfect, Germany is the one that is primarily responsible for the outcome because of it being in charge. Now, with the unsustainable debt that Greece is under, the authorities in Europe are willing to lend more to the country.

With all of the problems of the EU and the problems of the economy of China, the world economy is headed for a crisis that could be a lot worse than the crisis of 2008. The first week of the new year shows the markets of stock, currency, commodities and other markets on fire. However, the first week did show the markets ending at a higher level than at the beginning of the week.

Ukraine is being given a treatment that is a lot like Greece. This is a mistake because of the plans for reformation. There is a new Ukraine that is in the process of forming and from the excess charging of interest and the attacks from Russia, the New Ukraine has small chances. It is in danger of becoming a lot like the old Ukraine. One goal that the new Ukraine has is to be everything that Greece wasn’t.



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Pitsburg Steelers Score a Touchdown with Susan McGalla

The Pittsburgh Steelers have hooked up with Susan McCalla, the corporate retail expert. She has over 15 years experience in merchandising with American Eagle outfitters. Looks like the Pittsburgh Steelers are about to really hit the field in the fashion world. By joining with Susan McCalla and bringing her expertise into the organization, they will definitely score a touchdown. The Steelers even have a newly launched website that is dedicated to the new fashion line and can be located here at https://shop.steelers.com. The idea of combining your fashion by making a statement that shows your love for the Pittsburgh Steeler is the idea that this endeavor is banking on. So many proud fans will be thrilled to wear these specially designed pieces. Susan McCalla is bringing a whole lot of retail sense and experience to this project. By working with the likes of Pandora jewelry with Steelers charms, big labels like Tommy Bahama, Nike Golf and Victoria’s Secret she is guaranteeing that the Pittsburgh Steelers fans will always have a chance to express their love for the team with their personal sense of fashion. Susan McGalla began her career with Joseph Home Company in 1986. She worked her way from division merchandise buyer in the women’s clothing all the way up to the position of president and CMO. As a secular consultant. This hometown Pittsburgh gal is a perfect match for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Susan McCalla was a trustee for the University of Pittsburgh, as well as a director for the Allegheny Conference on Community Development which is an nonprofit, private sector leadership organization dedicated to economic development and quality of life issues for a 10-county region in southwestern Pennsylvania, United States that grew from efforts in the 1940s to coordinate improvements to regional transportation and the local environment. Susan McCalla’s corporate retail expertise is produced through her company P3 Executive Consulting LLC. She is very proficient at providing expert insight into corporate retail is a perfect match for the Pittsburgh Steelers organization. Retail efforts, and the perfect person to capture the passion of the fans through this new line of accessories and Pittsburgh Steelers related apparel.

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Premium Dog Food Companies Know What They’re Doing

Dog Food At Its Best
You know the dog food must be good when it has real bits of food in it, like rice and chicken. That’s what Beneful Chopped Blends looks like when I open it up to feed my dogs. I always admire how it looks like something that I feel proud to feed my dog. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone invited me over for dinner and fed me something that looked like Beneful because that food looks so good. It looks like a soup or a stew with a little less water in it. I wasn’t surprised to find this article from the Daily Herald that tells about how the dog food companies make their foods. I was happy to find that they use premium ingredients in their higher end dog foods. Beneful is a great example of a higher end dog food. It is made by Purina, who makes every effort to address the concerns of its consumers. Beneful comes in a variety of flavors on Amazon that look every bit as good as the next one. The premium dog food companies out there must be making good food when they are willing to test it in the presence of a journalist. The manager actually cuts into a piece of their turkey blend of dog food in the article, and he seems to enjoy it. He comments that the food “tastes like Thanksgiving.” That was a turkey blend of dog food. I wish Beneful had a turkey blend. They have a bunch of other flavors that keep my dog satisfied. I’m not surprised that the dog wakes me up in the morning. My son has a puppy, so we had to pick out a good puppy food. I convinced him to try Beneful Healthy Puppy Dry Dog Food. The dog put its nose up to another food that my son bought, but he loved that bowl of Beneful. If you want to know more about the information that was originally in the Daily Herald, then you should go here to check out the full article.

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Slyce: A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

The World Wide Web is about innovation, collaboration and sharing. Sharing photographs is just one of the many ways in which people can connect, especially on social media. Now, Slyce artificial intelligence (AI) technology may allow you to search websites using images rather than text.

“Take a Slyce of Life”

Have you ever really thought about the details that some product descriptions require. For example, you could describe the 2016 Cadillac ELR Coupe in the following fashion: “2016 Cadillac ELR Coupe with red passion tintcoat exterior, 233 hp and 373 lb-ft of torque, including a Lithium-ion battery delivering 40 miles of electric travel, upper fascia grille panels, 20-inch alloy wheels, 20-way Kona Brown leather seats and mood-setting ambient lighting.” How exactly do you get all of that information in a small website text search box?

Even though you might know that a picture is worth a thousand words, so far the technology has not caught up to this truism – until now! The MIT Technology Review discussed an artificial intelligence (AI) application that could be used to search websites using images, not text. And, in truth, the Google Image option has already tested this technique in real-time – just upload a picture and see if there are other similar images found online.

“Upgrade to Image Search Box”

Italian-based Slyce has created an image recognition on slyce.it technology primarily for eTailers. Women’s clothing can require very specific descriptions and be difficult to match. Women can take a picture of a shoe, dress or purse and upload it to an eCommerce website.

Instead of trying to describe every single detail, the Slyce technology can compare pixels. This truly is amazing and is an example of “deep learning.” There is the possibility with artificial intelligence to improve matches by creating more accurate referential databases filled with images.

Consumers can save time by simply sending a photo to an eTailer website. Already, Pinterest and “Shoes.com” have signed up for beta testing. Websites can market this Slyce technology “image search box” to attract more mobile smart phone users.

Finally, eCommerce shops are adhering to the ease of using pictures rather than words for descriptions. Using an “image box” for website searches is one more advancement in the World Wide Web. Wouldn’t it be great if all websites offered both “text” and “image” search boxes?

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Keeping My Dog Lively With Varieties Of Beneful

Pets can be a lot of work. When my daughter got her dog and brought it home, I knew that it would be my responsibility when she went off to college. She was 16 years old when she started working at the veterinary hospital on amazon.com. We had never had pets before then. I knew it would be a matter of time before she brought a dog home. When the vet hospital owner’s dog had pups, guess who got the pick of the litter? I love the dog as my own dog, but it’s really hers. I told her that when she goes to college I’ll watch the dog. She was taking good care of her, and she always bought her food from Beneful.

The vet had my daughter purchase Beneful Dry Dog Food. He had her get the Health Puppy kind for the first period, of course. He even gave her a couple bags to feed her new dog. It was a sweet thing they did, really. My daughter kept feeding her dog Beneful dog food. She bought the Original Beneful on twitter dog food when the dog was old enough to eat the bigger kibbles. She usually bought the kind that is made with real chicken. The dog knows how to eat, so it would almost always finish its bowl of food. Then, my daughter went to college.

How I Finally Got My Dog’s Appetite Back Up

When she left to college the dog would sit by the door or by the window, and she would look so depressed. I tried to cheer her up with new toys and with a new bed, but nothing seemed to do the trick. I decided that she wasn’t eating enough food, so I went to the store to see what else Beneful sells. It didn’t take long in the pet store before I saw their section. They have something called Chopped Blends. I bought her the kind that has salmon, tomatoes and rice. It seemed to do the trick because she perked right up when I fed her.

The dog was back to her normal nature, so I decided I wanted to keep her happy and lively. I made a choice to go on walks every day with her. I also started feeding her Beneful Dog Treats on special occasions. I give her the Healthy Smile Dental Ridges, and she loves me more than ever.

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Explaining Beneful’s Great Products

Purina is known internationally as one of the best producers of dog food in the entire world. One of Purina’s premier lines of dog food, Beneful, is arguably the highest quality dog food that Purina has to offer. There are more than thirty different products that Purina Beneful brand dog food has to offer which your pet is nearly guaranteed to like. Some dogs do not like certain flavors of dog food, but there are so many different blends and mixes of flavor of Beneful’s, shopping around different types of Beneful is probably best for your dog.

Beneful’s line of Chopped Blends is the premier line of wet dog food of the dog food producer. Chopped Blends come in nine different varieties which are available in both ten-ounce tubs and three-ounce cans. There are also three-packs of cans of Chopped Blends. There is a blend of meats with vegetables in nine different mixes. The tubs are able to be stored in the fridge for later use, or they might be more convenient to feed larger dogs or multiple dogs, instead of having to open can after can.

The Tuscan Style Medley has been rated with some of the highest ratings on Beneful’s Yahoo website, available only in three-ounce cans. Authentic beef, carrots, spinach, and wild rice are the main ingredients in this blend which is suspended in a light sauce that is safe for dogs, contains enough nutrients necessary for proper growth, and is a perfect blend of food for any size dog.

Baked Delights is the line of delicious dog treats that many dog owners have grown to love because nearly all dogs prefer them over other brands of dog treats. Baked Delights come in five different flavors distributed across four different shapes. Another line of dog treats known as Healthy Smile Dental Ridges are meant to clean dogs’ teeth without them having to eat anything that they might reject or not prefer the taste of. Dental Ridges have performed especially well in lab tests.

Prepared Meals by Beneful are a line of different blends of wet dog food that dogs typically love because they are essentially gourmet meals as far as dog food is concerned. The Beef and Chicken Medley and the Roasted Chicken Recipe are the two highest-rated Prepared Meals that Beneful has to offer as far as both lab tests and consumer product ratings are concerned.

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We Sent Tyler and Jonah to Next Level Lacrosse Camp Last Summer. Here’s Why We’ll Send Them Back

If your child is into this sport, you’ll find that it can be just what they need to improve their skills and get on the right path to success. When a child has the goal of becoming a lacrosse player, you should strive to help provide them with the best opportunities possible to help prepare them for the future in the sport. It’s in their young age where they strengthen their skills and improve their agility. The better way to get them going is to send them to a lacrosse camp to improve their skills for the future.

These camps bring together unique and exceptionally knowledgeable lacrosse players who are there to help young kids learn about teamwork, skill, development, technique, and every tip in the book to help you continue your abilities. It’s amazing to witness all the amazing coaches who come together at these camps to help provide young kids every tip in the book to help them succeed. It’s not easy to build a program with great coaches. It can take immense time, plenty of patience, and a work ethic that you can utilize to your advantage for the future.

This past summer, we sent our two teens, Tyler and Jonah, to Next Level Lacrosse Camp due to some great reviews online and the man behind it, Jon Urbana. This camp takes some of the best coaches and professional lacrosse players into one big team to help your young child develop the skills of the pros.

Urbana and the rest of the coaches coaches have all achieved some amazing things in the sport, proving that they know what they are doing when they come in and help young kids with their dreams in this sport.

Jon Urbana is the founder of this program, and as a CAA Player Of The Year and a 2X NCAA All-American champ for the Villanova Wildcats, he has achieved numerous awards and attained the growth needed to know who to do to succeed. Tyler German is a part of this program this year, and he was drafted by the Major League Team Cannons. Several other people are a part of the program, and they all come together to help bring their skills to the world of lacrosse.

And Urbana is an experienced pilot too. Achieving numerous successes and awards over his extremely long career, he is known for being successful both in business, with new ventures like Ellipse USA, and in the world of athleticism. Jon knows how to teach young kids this sport, and you can see it in his mastery of social media. Just follow his account @jonurbana1 at Twitter or head over to his Facebook profile and friend him there if you’re old school.

Jon knows that he truly can help others succeed, as demonstrated by a deep commitment to environmental well being, which is why he decided to put his name behind Earth Force by establishing a Go Fund Me page.

Here’s a video he made in support of this fundraiser for Earth Force. Let this sway you if you were on the fence about contributing.

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

His knowledge of this fun sport and his understanding on what works has made him a reliable person for helping younger kids, which is why plenty of journalists have featured the camp in a roundup of the best options in the country.

Lacrosse is a sport where there is plenty of things to learn about, and the right techniques can go a long way for helping a child develop quicker and easier.

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