We Sent Tyler and Jonah to Next Level Lacrosse Camp Last Summer. Here’s Why We’ll Send Them Back

If your child is into this sport, you’ll find that it can be just what they need to improve their skills and get on the right path to success. When a child has the goal of becoming a lacrosse player, you should strive to help provide them with the best opportunities possible to help prepare them for the future in the sport. It’s in their young age where they strengthen their skills and improve their agility. The better way to get them going is to send them to a lacrosse camp to improve their skills for the future.

These camps bring together unique and exceptionally knowledgeable lacrosse players who are there to help young kids learn about teamwork, skill, development, technique, and every tip in the book to help you continue your abilities. It’s amazing to witness all the amazing coaches who come together at these camps to help provide young kids every tip in the book to help them succeed. It’s not easy to build a program with great coaches. It can take immense time, plenty of patience, and a work ethic that you can utilize to your advantage for the future.

This past summer, we sent our two teens, Tyler and Jonah, to Next Level Lacrosse Camp due to some great reviews online and the man behind it, Jon Urbana. This camp takes some of the best coaches and professional lacrosse players into one big team to help your young child develop the skills of the pros.

Urbana and the rest of the coaches coaches have all achieved some amazing things in the sport, proving that they know what they are doing when they come in and help young kids with their dreams in this sport.

Jon Urbana is the founder of this program, and as a CAA Player Of The Year and a 2X NCAA All-American champ for the Villanova Wildcats, he has achieved numerous awards and attained the growth needed to know who to do to succeed. Tyler German is a part of this program this year, and he was drafted by the Major League Team Cannons. Several other people are a part of the program, and they all come together to help bring their skills to the world of lacrosse.

And Urbana is an experienced pilot too. Achieving numerous successes and awards over his extremely long career, he is known for being successful both in business, with new ventures like Ellipse USA, and in the world of athleticism. Jon knows how to teach young kids this sport, and you can see it in his mastery of social media. Just follow his account @jonurbana1 at Twitter or head over to his Facebook profile and friend him there if you’re old school.

Jon knows that he truly can help others succeed, as demonstrated by a deep commitment to environmental well being, which is why he decided to put his name behind Earth Force by establishing a Go Fund Me page.

Here’s a video he made in support of this fundraiser for Earth Force. Let this sway you if you were on the fence about contributing.

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

His knowledge of this fun sport and his understanding on what works has made him a reliable person for helping younger kids, which is why plenty of journalists have featured the camp in a roundup of the best options in the country.

Lacrosse is a sport where there is plenty of things to learn about, and the right techniques can go a long way for helping a child develop quicker and easier.

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Beneful Is A Product To Take Pride In

When I got my puppy at only a few months old, Beneful was the first food that I reached for. That’s because I was already aware of the many benefits. I liked this brand because I knew that they sold products that would grow with my puppy. The first bag of food I purchased was Beneful Healthy Growth for Puppies. I knew the food did it’s trick. My puppy never had any problems. He was happy, he was active, and he was growing!

As he got older, I was able to switch him to Beneful Originals which he loved. I was lucky that my dog was in great health. I knew, however, that if my dog was overweight or any other problem then Beneful would have a product for me. It felt great knowing that I could always count on my dog food.

That’s beause my dog food is made with real and wholesome ingredients. This is a product that is packed full of the vitamins and minerals that my dog needs. It was great that I could directly see the great effects that Beneful was having on my pooch. I never had to worry about my dog not eating. In fact, it was almost the opposite problem. Daily, my pup named Carson would be waiting by his food bowl. He could not get enough of his Beneful! Luckily, I had treats to keep him happy with when it wasn’t feeding time. I was happy because I knew that no matter what product of Beneful I was purchasing my dog was getting the best nutrients.

Beneful products are filled with healthy proteins and healthy fats. This is what gives the dogs their energy. Anytime that I see my dog running happily around my yard, I know it’s because of Beneful. Any time I see my dog happily barking when I go to fill his food bowl, I know it’s because of Beneful. I believe that everyone should make an informed decision when purchasing dog food. There are an overwhelming amount of products on grocery stores that claim to do a lot of great things for dogs. That isn’t always the case, and that’s why being an informed dog owner is the best thing we can do.

Overall, Beneful does promote a healthy life in dogs on youtube.com. That’s because the team of scientists and nutritionists that make Beneful know exactly what they are doing. They know what is needed in order to make our pets the happiest and healthiest that they can be. That’s why Beneful has such specific types of food. Every dog is different and every dog has different needs. That’s why Beneful creates dog food for older dogs, puppies, bigger dogs, etc. At the end of the day, Beneful is a product that owners and dogs can truly take pride in.

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The Harrowing Life of Yeonmi Park

Yeonmi Park of the youngvoicesadvocates was born in 1993 in North Korea while its founder and first leader, Kim Il-sung, was in power. He died the next year and Kim Jong-il assumed the leadership. It was hoped and expected that Kim Jong-il would finally release the countries people from the hard life enforced by his father. However, he made life even harder than his father ever had. In addition to the added hardships which contributed to and abysmal economy, Kim Jong-il’s reign saw the natural horrors of the Great Famine. These famine would be so hard on the flailing economy of North Korea that close to 2.5 would die because of it. And so Park grew up amidst these harsh realities. As a nine-year-old, she witnessed the public execution of her best friend’s mother. However, her crime wasn’t even political in nature. She had been caught illegally watching South Korean DVDs and lending them to friends. This was the terrifying moment Park began to realize she had to leave North Korean. Park’s father was a somewhat well-to do merchant and a civil officer so comparatively speaking to most North Korean families, her family was comfortable. That is why it took a few more years to be truly inspired to escape. Her families comfortable lifestyle came to an end during the economic crash and subsequent famine. Because of their extreme financial hardships, Yeonmi’s father began illegally selling gold, silver, and nickel to the Chinese. This helped the family survive starvation. However, he was caught and arrested. He was tried and sentenced to 17 years of hard labor. There in the prison camp, the guards tortured him for hours on end. He had a lot of company; many estimates say there were around 120,000 arrests and imprisonments during these months. Many others also met a horrible fate at this time. Although most of the millions who died during the famine died of starvation, many of them were shot trying to flee the country. Three years after his imprisonment, her father bribed his way to an early release. This was the turning point for Yeonmi’s family. They made plans to escape and when the right time came, went for it. The escape in itself was a harrowing experience, taking a toll on the entire family in various ways: Her mother was raped, her father died, and her sister went missing for several years. She now resides in the safety of Seoul, South Korea. In representation of the tens of thousands of people who have defected out of this oppressive political climate, the 21-year-old Yeonmi travels the world telling her amazing tale of oppression and escape. Her status as a famed human rights activist was first bolstered during her presentation at the One Young World summit in 2014. Besides traveling to conventions and international gatherings, Yeonmi also shares her tale via TV, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and WeChat.

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How to Select the Right Health Care Company

Having a great healthcare provider is one of the most important things that anyone can do. This can provide peace of mind, knowing that if an illness or accident strikes, there will be someone to help. Because there are many healthcare companies available to choose from, it is vital to know what to look for when choosing the right one. These are a few things to keep in mind:


A health care company should cover as many procedures as possible. This guarantees that the help will be there when needed, no matter what the concern is. This also means keeping track of co-payments and deductibles, since they can end up adding to thousands of dollars in the long run. By choosing a health care provider that provides the right coverage, out-of-pocket expenses can be kept to a minimum.

Plan Types

There are different plan types that work for people with different needs. An HMO can match a patient with a care provider who will then offers referrals, while an EPO does not require referrals but provides choices of specialists from a set list of doctors. For people who need care that is out of the network offered by a health care provider, a PPO plan is a much more practical option.


For anyone who has a doctor they love, it is vital that they check whether that physician fits into a particular healthcare plan. Some of them make it possible to include or add a doctor, while others only allow patients to choose from those provided. If this is a concern for anyone, taking the time to speak with the company is a must.

Size of Network

Depending on a patient’s condition, a smaller or larger network of care might be needed. If they have an ACA plan in a rural area, for example, the network will be much smaller than for people who live in cities. Non-ACA tend to have larger networks of specialists, so if this is a concern, it is important to double check with the healthcare provider and reevaluate the chosen health plan. If a patient worries about losing their doctor or their preferred hospital, then having a larger network is the right option.

Nobilis Health offers all of these options for their clients. They have many different plan types to choose from depending on illnesses and many other factors. Their wide network, with ambulatory surgical centers as well as hospitals, makes it possible for people to get the kind of assistance they need without accruing thousands of dollars of debt because of deductibles or other issues. They also offer ACA and non-ACA plans for their members. Nobilis Health can provide the services that people can depend on.

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Bruce Levenson and Atlanta Hawks

Bruce Levenson studied Law in American University’s School of Law. He is also a journalism graduate. Bruce has lived in Washington his since birth and is married to Karen with whom he has three sons. He began practicing his journalism skills while still studying Law.

Basket Ball Team

Bruce founder of United Communication Group once owned the Atlanta Hawks in partnership with Ed Peskowitz. He made up his mind to sell team in 2014. The suspicion that the team was being sold was confirmed when it became apparent that an investment firm would help Levenson sell his shares. Now it is common knowledge that the team was sold to an investment manager by the name Antony Ressler. He is the leader in the business association: Ressler Group. This team of associates include: Jesse Itzler and his wife Sara, Stephen Starker, Clayton Dubilier among others. Sara Blakely is also one of Spanx founders while Steve Starker is a co founder of BTIG. Ressler group will also buy the shares of other owners of the team.

Atlanta Hawks Sold

When, in September 2014, Levenson decided he would sell his share of the business his partner Micheal Gearon Jr soon came to the same conclusion and announced it in January the subsequent year. By the time the set deadline for bidding reached, 10th April, the competition for the team was seen to be fiercely between the Grizzlies and a Mark Rachesky led team. This observation had been made by Goldman Sachs as he was the one charged with the responsibility of selling the team to the highest bidder.

Although the Grizzliers and the Rachesky led team were in the fore front in the bid to acquire Atlanta Hawks, they were not to be the eventual owners of the team. The Antony Ressler led group emerged the winners outbidding everyone else. This group bid $850 which apparently was enough to acquire the ownership of the team. The amount paid seemed to be on the higher side since in recent months the team had been estimated to be around $425 million by Forbes.

Before Atlanta Hawks

In earlier years Levenson went into partnership with Ed Peskowitz to start UCG: a communications group. In order to minimize cost the company was run in Levenson’s house in Maryland. Through the UCG newsletters were circulated about the dos and don’ts of the oil industry. In subsequent years the company introduced the Oil Price Information Service: a database. To capture more clients the company would introduce more products such as news on healthcare, telecommunications and eventually mortgages. The company also introduced a mobile system by which drivers would discern where to locate an oil pumps with the lowest prices: GasBuddy.

Interests and Charity

Charity can tell so much about one’s interest and passion. Levenson is a charitable individual. He has given to courses that help people from low income settings to be able to go to school. He was once involved with Washington’s branch of I Have a Dream Foundation: which helps children from low income homes access quality education. He has also given to the Hoop Dreams Foundation.

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Developing Ideal Space in Manhattan

Manhattan is a city that is growing day and night. People are moving in from other cities and every country areas to come and start a new life here. Businesses are opened every single day, and other businessmen want to open new branches or look for as a bigger or smaller office space. Investors in real estate and property development are not left behind either. They are trying to build more structures to accommodate the thirst for ideal developed space as much as they want to add something onto their bank account, a fat paycheck. Last month of September, the local government approved a number of key property development projects that investor had applied for. The developers have taken ideal space development for these projects a notch higher as each of them will contain over 100,000 square feet ideal space. A Manhattan magazine, The Real Deal reported on some of the projects and here is a summary of what to expect upon completion of the projects.

Chetrit Developers applied to construct two luxurious residential buildings are expected to be adjacent to each other at Mott Haven, 101 Lincoln Avenue. The building will contain 785,000 square feet space with 33,000 square feet dedicated to retail space and 3,200 square feet for community facilities. The664 Pacific Street 25 story building will have 826 residential units. The site was acquired at a fee of 432 million. Another luxurious building will be constructed by Green Forest City Partners on a 22-acre piece of land. A 26 story building will be built with 326,000 square feet of ideal space, with 323 market rate rentals and a public school that will have a sitting capacity of 616 on the second and third floors. To sum up the round up is Halcyon Management’s proposed 19 story building in 27 West Street, Brooklyn. It is expected to have 279,730 square feet of ideal space with 234 residential units. The structure designed by SLCA Architects will also include a 120-car ample parking units.

For clients to rent or buy these booking spaces or even book before construction on their NYC apartments for rent is complete, they can contact Town Residential. The firm was founded in 2010 and offers services like marketing selling and lease of completed or incomplete ideal space for luxury residential, office and retail purposes. It has professionals who are experienced in real estate industry and advice clients on the best ideal spaces for them. Headed by a market leader in real estate management, Andrew Heiberger, the firm is the best to provide agency services when looking for ideal spaces.

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James Dondero: Creating Wealth for Everyone

When you think about the market these days, you truly see a difference in the world. Trading stocks and bonds used to be a glorious thing that was based upon relationships and indiviudals invested in the confidence of others. The whole market was based on the idea that businesses and sectors do go up, and in no time at all you could own shares of the top companies in the market as long as you had the confidence to buy and wait.

That being said, if you simply look at the markets today then you already know it isn’t that simple anymore. With the entire system being thrown around due to new derivatives, financial products, and even more technical analyses in no time at all, you can’t imagine how chaotic the markets are to try and dip your foot into, let alone investing significant assets with confidence.

The good news is that Jim Dondero and Highland Capital Management have made the game that much simpler. More and more individuals are understanding that you don’t have to understand all of the markets in order to invest, you just need to have the guidance of someone you can trust. That’s where James Dondero comes in. By creating the right company where any individual can gain the confidence to be able to invest by having an experienced and reliable partner, you can truly be able to create wealth today just like in the old days.

James Dondero created Highland Capital Management and Nexpoint for one reason and one reason alone. It is necessary that any individual have the experience and education necessary in order to guide the rocky waters of the financial markets today. Mr. Dondero not only brought together the right people to do the job, but he also made sure that he could bring together individuals who have experience in customer service and in keeping people first.

Any organization can be in business in order to make money or generate wealth, however when you have the right people in place to help people then you have a great chance of being successful. It’s not just about creating value but rather it’s about inspiring confidence and ensuring that people stick together for the long run. Highland Capital Management understands that in order to compete they absolutely have to have all of the top knowledge and expertise. You can’t compete in the markets unless you truly understand how. That being said, if you just line yourself up with a bunch of people and traders who focus solely on the technical analyses, you have to be prepared to be a simple number in line.

At the end of the day you need to be sure that you are choosing a company that won’t just treat you like a number. You have to have the experience and expertise, but also the service that any customer truly deserves. With Highland Capital Management, you can absolutely have the best of both worlds. Look to how you can start generating significant wealth with confidence with Highland Capital Management.

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Where to Get the Best Healthcare Services and Cover

Healthcare services companies are those that offer healthcare services to patients either outpatient or in patient. Some are even specialized in proving healthcare services to patient’s homes whenever they are needed. Performance and the ability to provide compelling healthcare to patients ensures growth and development of these companies. Some of the common faces in healthcare industry are discussed below.

One leader in offering healthcare services is Nobilis Healthcare. Initially, it traded and practiced by the name Northstar Healthcare but changed to Nobilis Health Corporation. The company is public traded and listed in the New York Stock Exchange under health. It is specialized in offering full healthcare management and healthcare development services. It has over 100 centers that offer surgical related services around America. Throughout its operation, it has strived to provide healthcare services that are superior, pocket friendly and patient satisfactory.

Nobilis Health is specialized in providing services like developing and managing surgical centers, facility management, revenue cycle management, marketing, patient recruitment, staff management, patient lead management, physician marketing, finance, mergers and acquisitions and point-of-care marketing. The Texas Company uses its physicians, own, develop and operate patients in Dallas and Houston. It does operations and manages patients with complications that relate to pain management, orthopedic surgery, podiatry, general surgery, spine surgery and otolaryngology. In the third quarter of 2014, the company recorded revenue collection amounting to $17.2 million, a figure that it had never achieved before. This was contributed by having an able president Harry Fleming and widening its market.

Another great company in healthcare provision is Alliance Healthcare services. Serves as a provider of radiation oncology and radiation services. In its 30 year existence in the market, it partners with other health care providers and hospitals to ensure the provision of quality care, profitability and operation efficiency in essential service lines. The company focuses on meeting each client’s needs in all of its radiology services that are offered in over 1000 hospital and other healthcare stakeholders. Alliance Healthcare group has won performance awards in the past which is a clear reflection of their services.

Then there is Healthcare service Corporation (HCSC). This healthcare company is into the field of insuring patients in the United States operating under Blue Shield plans and Blue Cross in Montana, New Mexico, Illinois, Oklahoma and Texas. It was founded in 1936 and through its experience, it has earned the title of the biggest customer owned health insurer in the United States. HCSC is focused on service expansion and create access to quality and cost effective healthcare services as well as equipping members with essential tools that they can use in making brilliant healthcare decisions for their families and selves. It covers for healthcare services like bone marrow and heart transplants for members who are cancer patients.It has advocated for care models that are value based that push for greater accountability and collaboration among healthcare stakeholders. With over 16 million members and employment of 23000 staff, has improved healthcare experiences for patients giving them achance to live healthier lives with an average cost.

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Facts About Human Trafficking

What used to be called prostitution is now recognized as human trafficking. Women and children that are sold for the sexual pleasures of others have been victims for years. Though most people have heard of this type of slavery, they don’t really know much about what goes on. Here are some common facts for the underworld’s biggest business.

1. The average cost of a sex slave is $10,000. However, if the woman is beautiful, the trafficker can make more than their money back in one week alone for their services.

2. Traffickers who abuse their women have to be careful that they don’t mark their appearance. If they have any bruises or markings on them they won’t fetch as high of a cost. Currently, a pimp can earn up to 20 times the amount they originally paid for the

3. It is estimated that more than 80% of all victims of human trafficking are female. Of that percentage, 50% of them will be children.

4. Some military groups in rebel areas will use the industry of human trafficking to fund their expenses.

5. Pregnant women are highly desirable, as their unborn child can fetch a great price on the black market.

6. The famous rock star Lady Gaga did a video on the sexual slavery trade called “Bad Romance” to shine a light on the underworld.

7. Those who are involved or have once been involved often will be suicidal for years to come.

8. In the US, the three most popular states for human trafficking are New York, Florida and California.

9. In America, human trafficking happens in strip clubs, massage parlors and is often a front for prostitution and sexual service rings. However, there are also women bought to work in sweatshops and agriculture too.

10. There are many countries considered to be leaders in Human trafficking, those are Japan, China, North Korea, US, Greece, Germany and Thailand.

Though some people do eventually get out, they are forever change. Yeonmi Park is a 22-year-old girl who was bought and sold into slavery and escaped when she was 14. She was separated from her father through his unscrupulous business ideas and ended up being sold to the highest bidder. She was severely beaten and often made to do sexual acts that a young 13-year-old girl could not even dream of. She had medical problems, mental health issues and was forced to watch her mother be gang raped over and over.

Park is one of the lucky ones because she escaped. Today, you can find her at Universities and other venues across the world speaking about the dangers of sexual slavery. She no longer lives as a slave but is free to express herself. She has received death threats and has been warned against speaking out. See, she knows all too well that doctors, lawyers and other big names are some of the key contributors in this slavery. Still, she is standing up and speaking out to people to protect your children and your families from this lifestyle. Sometimes it comes looking for you, and other times you walk right through the door into slavery.

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The 5 Best Dog Food Brands Available on the Market

It’s important to feed dogs the right type of food for all of their nutritional needs. It’s also important to find a tasty dog food that they will love to eat day in and day out. Here are some of my top picks for great dog food brands and reasons why they are so great.

One dog food brand that is excellent is Blue Buffalo. This brand is the only one that has something called LifescourceBits. These bits of food have a ton of different vitamins in them to keep your dog healthy. This food helps many dogs’ immune systems when they are sick by offering great ingredients in their food.

Another great brand of dog food is Hill’s Science Diet. This great food packs over fifty nutrients in its delicious kibble. In order to develop this food they consulted with over one hundred and fifty different veterinarians to make sure it was as healthy as they could get it. They have different types of food for all dog sizes and ailments. They have a mobility formula for older dogs with mobility and joint problems. They even have food that is proven to help larger dogs lose weight.

If you are looking for a brand that your dog will love then try Taste of the Wild. This dog food contains a ton of great, healthy ingredients including lamb, chicken, egg, peas, potatoes, bison, venison, blueberries, raspberries, and tomatoes. It’s also packed with some great vitamins and minerals including folic acid, Vitamin D, iron, Zinc, Vitamin E, B1, B2, and B6. It also has antioxidants in it to protect dogs from illness.

Iams provides great Beneful on samsclub food for dogs. Their food helps promote strong immune systems due to its great ingredients. The protein from the chicken and egg they add help dog’s build strong muscles. This will keep them from having mobility problems down the road. It contains prebiotics to keep your dog healthy. This food consists of crunchy bites of kibble which help with dental hygiene by helping reduce the buildup of plaque and tarter. This keeps a dog’s smile white and free from decay. What is great about this food is it doesn’t have any artificial preservatives like some dog food on the market.

Purina Beneful is one of my favorite brands of dog food. It has many different textures for dogs to enjoy including blends that are chopped and ones that are diced. It has healthy ingredients such as carrots, rice, green beans, and barley. What is great about this brand of dog food is they do numerous quality checks to make sure their food is the safest on the market. It has ton of different vitamins and nutrients such as vitamin E, B-12, folic acid, and vitamin D.

There are so many brands of dog food on the market. It’s important to pick the very best one. Choosing one of the brands above ensures that any dog eating them will live a long and healthy life.

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