Visual Search Innovator Slyce Reanimates Pounce

The science of online shopping has clearly changed how buyers hunt for their favorite items. Companies like Slyce that specializes in modernizing the activity through by advancing image recognition are greatly in demand today. In fact, there’s a vast selection of digital shopping apps that have adopted image recognition technology. Still, it needs further development to improve usability and customer friendliness. So far, Amazon’s visual search patent, “Flow,” has shown remarkable promise. Unfortunately, it doesn’t communicate in a perfectly animated dialog that warrants it the title of being the best model. With an already monstrous marketplace and fans, Amazon brings a fighting challenge against the competition. The sequence of hiccups found isn’t enough to repel shoppers just get. However, Slyce, another image recognition powerhouse intends to silence Amazon Flow.

Slyce debuted back in 2012, and, it has since joined the industry’s top-ranked retail chains. Among mentions include JcPenney, Neiman Marcus, Tilley’s, Toys’R’US, HomeDepot and more. It also acquired an influential shopping app Pounce, which it remodeled and launched in August. The model targets Android shoppers and the new design boasts 3D technology. Slyce uses cutting-edge visual search engine and image recognition software that transcends earlier concepts. The greater selection of competing visual search engines lacked this vision which Slyce has perfectly modeled in its origin. Sadly, retailers who have launched earlier visual search engines forgot a key ingredient.

Unlike others whose primary focus included the committed shopaholic, Slyce extends its platform to all shoppers. It delivers search results for the most spontaneous shopping experiences. This includes scanning any item, packaged or unpackaged. It’s not even about upscale or street shopping habits. It’s developed a platform that has no limitations. Amazon Flow is a greatly disadvantaged visual search model because of how it targets web shoppers. Honestly, it’s rare when shopping is inspired by a packaged product.

Initially, Slyce focused on studying visual search market behavior by partnership efforts. It soon generated trust and expanded to other niches besides retail. Today, it consults for buyers directly with Pounce. As it continues to nurse alliances, secure lucrative business partnerships, and opportunities, its platform is evolving. The Canadian visual search giant has been setting off monster waves of late by delivering the most accurate results in visual search history. According to the successful Toronto-based business, its patented model and image recognition software mimics that of the human brain. Its algorithmic science is as complex and deeply focused on similar visual awareness.

With a revolutionary product model and complex image recognition performance, others cannot equate to Slyce’s visual search success. They’re continuing research and development to advance the technology. Most recently, Slyce received funding estimated at a generous $10.75 million. With M-commerce penetrating nearly all markets, having a visual search engine that can aptly navigate any virtual terrain is equally important. Slyce wants to become the go-to resource for vendors and customers alike.

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Biography of James Dondero

A resident of Dallas, Texas, James Dondero is the founder and president of Highland Capital Management. He has over 30 years of experience in the credit markets.

Highland Capital Management opened its doors for business in 1993. The firm is considered a pioneer in the creation of the collateralized loan obligation market as well as credited oriented types of investment solutions for retail as well as institutional investors.

In addition to his position at Highland Capital Management, James Dondero is the chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare, CCS Medical as well as Nexbank. He serves on the board of directors of the iconic motion picture company, MGM Studies. He is also on the board of directors of American Banknote.

Prior to founding Highland Capital Management, James Dondero was the chief investment officer of Protective Life. While in that position, Dondero is credited with building out the GIC subsidiary of Protective Live. He served as chief investment officer of Protective Life from 1989 to 1993. While in the position involving the GIC subsidiary, Dondero raised and managed more than $2 billion in assets.

Highland Capital Management has about $20 billion in total assets under the firm’s management. The firm also invests a small percentage of this assets under its management in equities.

Before joining Protective Life, from 1985 until 1989, Dondero served as a corporate bond analyst and later a portfolio manager for American Express. At American Express, Dondero managed about $1 billion in fixed income funds. Dondero began his illustrious career in the Morgan Guaranty training program, which is one of the most highly regarded programs of its type in the United States.

Dondero graduated from the University of Virgina McIntire School of Commerce. He graduated with dual majors in accounting and finance. Dondero completed his studies at UVA, receiving the university’s top honors in doing so.

In addition to his professional experiences and educational background, Dondero is designated as a Certified Management Accountant (CMA). In addition, Dondero earned the right to use the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation as well.

As his position on different boards of directors confirm, Dondero is called upon frequently is discuss and analyze the credit markets. He writes frequently in this area of the investment market. He is called upon to present at conferences and conventions on topics relating to the credit markets, particularly those areas in which he has garnered an industry-wide reputation as an innovator and specialist.

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Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Offers Vegan Makeup

There are Many of beauty products on the market today from top brands such as Maybelline and Cover Girl to not as well known brands such as Lime Crime and Everyday Minerals. There are, of course, several other brands out there. It can be overwhelming especially for a person who is new to buying makeup. Several of the top brands cannot claim to be vegan. There are several brands that are verified vegan and not tested on animals. Not only are the products animal-friendly, but there are many brands that can help you express any style.
For a natural look, try Everyday Minerals based out of Texas and created by Carina Menzies. They specialize in concealers, bronzers and other powders. The purpose is to help women feel confident with a natural look. They are vegan and promise no animal testing. On top of that, they ship everything in recyclable packaging.
On the other end of the style spectrum is a company that offers bold, exciting colors for those who like to stand out. A complete contrast to the natural look of Everyday Minerals, Lime Crime caters to those who like to make a bold statement with their makeup. They offer bright pops of pinks, greens and blues. The eyeliner and especially the lip stick colors are made to standout.
Doe Deere, otherwise known as Xenia, along with other nicknames on ideamensch, is the founder of Lime Crime. She is originally from Russia but now lives in Los Angeles. The inspiration for Lime Crime came because Doe was unable to find bright enough makeup to satisfy her style. Her dream was to make beauty products that would appeal to women such as herself that have a unique style and craving for bright, loud makeup. Doe built her company from the ground up mostly online. There are a few retailers that carry the products such as Urban Outfitters. Not only was Doe interested in creating a bold makeup line that would suit her unique customers, but also a line that would be animal friendly considering how few of those are available. The brand is very open about the ingredients used in the makeup, and, of course, it is vegan and cruelty-free. A list of ingredients can be found under the product descriptions on the website.
Somewhere in between Everyday Minerals and Lime Crime is Bare Blossom, an Australian company created by a lawyer, Adriana Woolf. Due to an autoimmune condition, she was told not to use regular beauty products that contained unnatural ingredients that could be absorbed through the skin. Realizing there was little options when it came to all natural makeup, Adriana created her own line. Bare Blossom offers everything from foundation and powders to eye and lip makeup. The colors are not as bright as Lime Crime, but they aren’t so dull that no one will see them.
There are plenty of other vegan and cruelty-free products on the market as well. Consumers should be aware of what kind of ingredients they may be putting on.

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How to Use Handy Home Cleaning App to Maintain your Workplace

So, you have spent a lot of time building your new startup. You started out working from a laptop computer in a café, making a dollar here and a dollar there. You made a few solid investments over the years so you lease a work loft for you and your four employees. Now, your group of employees is a very tight knit bunch. For them, working on your business as much work as it is play. There are jokes, laughter, conversations, arguments and moments of deep sincerity that bring you and your four employees together, like brothers. You want to make them feel as if they are a part of something truly special. Something unique that is going to last generations in order to get the best possible work from them. Now, as the founder of a company, their output is extremely important to the success of your business, yet, at the same time, their mental health and well-being is also a huge factor. Are you forcing them to buy their own lunch or do you take them out to lunch on a regular basis? Are you buying them gear, like extra hard drives that they can use at home as well is at work? All of these little things make a huge difference when it comes to creating an environment that is very conducive to success. Don’t you owe it to yourself to keep your work loft clean?

Being that it is a loft inhabited by four guys with masculine sensibilities, they probably aren’t using coasters when they set a glass on your coffee table. On more than one occasion, they have probably left crumbs on your kitchen floor that never got cleaned up. There is nothing inherently good or bad about this, as the founder of your company, you recognize this as just a natural part of wear and tear. Yet, if you can’t control these incremental mishaps that happen at the workplace, your workloft might look like what some might call a natural disaster before the week is up. That’s why you need Handy on youtube.

So, you hire Handy, Home Cleaning Services. They come to your loft and clean it up while you are hard at work. You’re doing you your job, they are doing their job. The crumbs that the employee left on your floor are magically cleaned up. He knows that he does not have to worry about small things with you, for you do not bitch and moan at him like he would have at a normal startup. He likes you, your culture and wants to stay in your business, giving you his all. If your employee is building a multimillion dollar piece of software, do you really want to cry about him leaving crumbs on the kitchen floor? Probably not. It is probably more conducive to just hire a professional clean the excess.

So, at the end of the day, if your parents decide to drop by your office randomly just to see you, or your girlfriend decides to bring you lunch, your offices look flawless and perfectly organized, making you the most impressive person in the room, especially since you’re the one who found the company. Some things you are just too busy for, but are absolutely necessary in order to make your business thrive. Having a gorgeous and well-cleaned office is simply one of those things.

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Susan McGalla Gives Her Opinion On Women In Business

One of the major areas of discussion for businesspeople that hits the headlines on a regular basis is the role women play in the business world. Many groups have been established to both inspire women who wish to work in various industries and those who hope to breaak into the business world after they complete their education. One successful businessperson who has recently been expressing her own viewson the chances of women becoming successful in business is former American Eagle President Susan McGalla. Now working as a director at the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers, the expert in branding and marketing has decided to explain her own stance on how best to become a success as a woman.

Susan McGalla’s career can be charted from an important role as a buyer for the American Eagle brand to her current position as the Pittsburgh Steelers Director of Strategic Planning and Growth. One thing that has remained an important factor for McGalla has been her own decision to never make an issue of her gender when it comes to her work or chances of progressing within any organization. In fact, McGalla believes a major problem is being caused for women in business by the use of buzzwords and some people looking to blame gender for their personal failures.

The career of Susan McGalla progressed quickly from taking up a role as a buyer American Eagle to becoming the President of the company, which she believes was aided by her decision never to use her gender to gain help or promotion in her business life. The founder of the P3 Consultancy group believes that by not making an issue of her gender she was seen simply as a businessperson and colleague, in fact Mcalla states the only concession she makes for her gender is never arriving last for the first meeting of a business trip.

Throughout her career Susan McGalla has looked to show herself to be an important member of any team without the need to see a business as a gender based operation. In her latest role as the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers sees McGalla in what many see as a male dominated industry. However, her ability to focus on business and not gender issues has seen Susan McGalla accepted as a key member of the NFL franchise focusing on expanding the team into the future.

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Online dating has become almost second-nature for some people. Most people don’t have the time anymore to go out to bars and nightclubs. If they do, it’s really not their scene. You also tend to take a gamble when going to bars and nightclubs. You’ll meet some pretty cool people, I’ll give you that. You also tend to meet some not-so-nice people.

This is why many prefer to online date. It saves both time and hassle; especially, when the guy turns out to be a dud.

If you are going to be using the app Skout for your online dating needs, there are some things you need to do first. Skout is a pretty cool tool to use for dating and social networking, you just have to use it correctly.


Only use photos that were taken in the last few years. One of the biggest issues women encounter with online dating is misrepresentation. Both men and women tend to put up old images, when they look nothing like this now. Do not do this. Use only recent pictures please.


Think of this in the vain of an application. Would you want to talk to someone who barely filled out their form? It will take some time, but it will be worth it. Answer every question openly and honestly. You might not get anything right away, but it will happen. Believe it or not, there are guys who still do respond to honesty.


Do not try to be someone you aren’t. This is one of the biggest issues both men and women have. Everyone feels the need to be something they aren’t. Don’t do this to yourself. Do not false advertise anything about you. Be open, as I mentioned above.


This might sound cliched, but do not write a book online. No one will read it. No one will be interested in reading it. Many consider the “novel approach” to be a turn-off. If you mention everything up front, where is the mystery? Give the guy a reason to call you. Give the guy a reason to want to talk to you.

Another thing about this which I feel is worth mentioning, involves the self-involved approach. If you write a book about yourself, some guys are going to get the wrong impression. Some will consider you to be too self-involved. You do not want to make this impression right away.

Keep it simple and to the point. Remember, no one wants to read War and Peace these days.


Yes, you want to be open and honest; but, you don’t want to be too open. Keep all revealing information to a minimum. Only present this side when you two have truly gotten to know one another. This is for your safety, as well as his.


This is a fun dating app to use, just be careful. Read all your potential mate’s profiles carefully. Do not skip this step. You could over look some crucial information, information you need to know. If you need to, make the first move. Some guys are afraid to make that first step. Take the bull by the horns and initiate. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. It’s the only way you will get the results you want.

Remember with Skout, it’s all about quality. You are looking to build something here, possibly long-term. The more effort you put into it, the more you could get out of it. Don’t forget to have fun with Skout. Go to the website and start your new dating life today.

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What Investment Bankers Do Best

Investors, companies, and government seek out for an investment banking relationship when they are concerned with a financial partner that can take then through the convoluted prospect related to managing assets and financing a business. Investment bankers provide executives with strategic planning and technique advice. They usually advise company executives on the most suitable time and investments to make a public offering of asset management issues. Investment bankers lend their proficiency to a company to help them determine the most outstanding strategy and the finest place to raise their capital. They also prepare the necessary documents to authentically accustom the value proposition for funding and to safeguard investors from any misjudgments. They also comply with all government regulations put in place such as SEC and NASD rules.

Investment banks are financial institutions that help investors, corporations and governments in obtaining capital by either underwriting or representing clients in the provision of securities. The also provide assistance to companies that deal with mergers and acquisitions as well as offering support services in market making. To some extent, they can trade different securities for their clients. The central services investment banks offer include asset management, equity research, sales and trading and corporate finance. Since every business’ core objective is to make profit, investment banks earn profit by charging commissions and fees for offering various services and financial and business insights.

The organization structure of investment banks is categorized into front department, middle department and back department operations. The front office/department is the revenue generating sector, and its primary areas include markets and investment banking. The middle office/department comprises of internal controls, internal corporate strategy, and treasury management. The back office/department handles operations such as data inspecting trades that have been carried out and ensuring only required transactions are conducted. This is the most crucial part of the bank, and many banks outsource their operations. Technology is also a function of the back office, and they provide and maintain in-house software. Other businesses performed by investment banks include worldwide transaction banking, investment management, and merchant banking.

The financial crisis in 2008 saw many renowned investment banks such as the insolvency of renowned investment bank, Lehman Brothers collapse and the rapid sale of Merrill Lynch among others. Smaller investment banks survived the crunch and are flourishing to date, some as a result of rescue by government loans via Troubled Asset Relief Program. Others survived due to well-structured risk management techniques and effective leaders who had the prowess to see their investment banks through the crisis. Highland Capital Management is one of the hedge funds that started small, survived the crisis and are currently among the largest and notable investment banks.

James Dondero is to be reckoned for his upright strategies and exceptional skills in handling distressed institutions. Since 1993, Dondero has run the firm successfully offering clients a vast range of services. He is astute in advises he provides investors and analyzing risk on both credit and debit markets. His leadership technique has earned him loyal clients that are always on the same page with his firm.

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Bernardo Chua Opens OrganoGold Branch in Turkey

As reported on he PR Newswire, Bernardo Chua opened a branch of OrganoGold in Turkey, making it the 39th country in which the gourmet coffee company now operates. Expanding his business to Turkey was a natural decision since that country is known to have the first coffee house in the 15th century. Since coffee is a traditional beverage in Turkey, Mr. Chua believes that the taste has become more current and health-conscious. Therefore, expansion into Turkey at this time is a good decision. OrganoGold brand products are enriched with taste and health benefits.

Bernardo Chua is a businessman originally from the Philippines. He has turned his attention to coffee, teas, and other products. He knew about the Ganoderma lucidum, a mushroom that has health benefits. His OrganoGold products cater to consumers with active lifestyles, selling products that contain Certified Organic Ganoderma Lucidium. The benefits of this mushroom include slowing weight gain by increasing the good bacteria in your intestines and by reducing inflammation. The Ganoderma lucidum has been used in Asian medicines for years. Mr. Chua was one of the first businessman to promote Ganoderma lucidum in North America.

Bernardo Chua promotes his products through direct sales. Direct sales is the sale of a product not through a retail location, but rather person to person. The sellers are independent sales representatives, not employees of the company. Mr. Chua believes this is the best way to sell his product.

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Finding Innovators In The REIT market

Although there are a lot of REIT funds that have had their portfolios strengthen over the past few years, the turmoil of the past decade really showed that there are few places, even in real estate that can serve as a foil for other investments during a downturn.

On the other hand, there are innovators out there that have made some tweaks to traditional formulas in order to provide REIT investment options that are designed to complement riskier investments in other markets. Here are a couple of the more intriguing options:

Nexpoint Residential Trust: As one of the companies that James Dondero, a pronounced financial innovator is affiliated with, Nexpoint has focused on finding a way to put value into its investors’ returns. Mr. Dondero had already created the Collaterized Loan Obligation type of investment and popularized it as a fund type for the 21st century. The innovation that the Dondero-led Nexpoint staff came up with was to reinvest in aging infrastructure in multifamily housing to attract and retain tenants that would remain there and provide stable rental income. They started buying last year and have already closed on almost 50 multifamily buildings. The upgrades include upscale outdoor patios and pools, with gas grills and other amenities that are normally only found in higher rent buildings. They also spend a significant amount of money remodeling each apartment- so that the interiors are also typically a class above what the tenant will be paying for. The theory is that because the initial investment is lower and the profit margin on the rent is higher, once the upgrade costs have been amortized, the return will be less susceptible to ups and downs in the market. Even better, the current average return is projected to be higher than that of similar products in the multifamily market.

Resource Real Estate Opportunity REIT: Another company that focuses on adding value to its purchases takes a slightly different tack towards creating profit for its shareholders. Instead of focusing on leveraging the profit margin of the stable buildings that it purchases, it instead works on innovating during the real estate deal, using analysis to determine which distressed properties fit its model, and then upgrading them so that they will attract people that will live there long term. With over 20 years experience in this market segment, they have managed to create a couple of funds that ought to be looked at during a multifamily fund decision-making process.
One of the upsides of working with distressed properties that are still in the previous owner’s hands is that they are able to get a better deal for the real estate asset than they would if they were choosing to buy stable, but aged properties.

Multifamily real estate fund investing is a rather large market to take in if you are looking nationally. Finding innovators that have a unique strategy or a proven business process that has worked out over time can give you another type of strength to add to your portfolio.

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Investment bankers help clients, others make financial decisions

What is an investment banker? The answer is several things. For instance, investment banks are those that help their clients figure out the best strategy and make the best possible use of their money, and they give their expertise to make sure these people are as successful as possible.

Investment bankers help clients protect, invest their money

They also know all the proper paperwork needed to protect those investments and how to help their clients form a good business plan or better yet, to put together a private placement memorandum document that spells out all the legal necessities to protect both sides of an investment from making a wrong decision.

Plus, they ensure that any required government regulations are followed correctly when raising capital so that a budding entrepreneur won’t accidently violate any laws they may not even have known existed. The bottom line is that investment bankers are there to help protect and guide their clients’ money.

How to hire an investment banker

If you want to do well in investing, then you of course need to hire a good investment banker. Once such person is Kenneth Griffin, a high profile figure in the financial world who is also the CEO of Citadel LLC, which is a large hedge fund in Chicago that helps investors make choices in the investment world.

Griffin is considered to be one of the most successful traders on the planet. He began his career back in 1986 by trading stock options from his dorm, and even launched a convertible-bond arbitrage fund. Even when the stock market crashed the following year somehow Griffin was able to keep a million bucks of his investors’ money from being lost and helped them grow that money, thus proving he was destined for greatness in the finance world.

Investment bankers teach their clients tricks and tips of the finance world

Hiring a respectable investment banker is something that an entrepreneur to be had better do correctly so they can be taught the ins and out of making investments and surviving in the market world. They can help them find out things faster and easier since they have been there and know what to do. For one thing, when choosing an investment banker, be sure to find out if they are licensed at NASD, which ensures they are up to date with all the government regulations in affect.

Also, talk to them about their other clients and if they have had any successes. You also want to talk to them about what they see as a basic plan for your investments to see how fast they come up with viable ideas.

The bottom line is that if you are new to the investment world, an investment banker can save you from making a wrong choice and losing all of your money, so be sure to hire one when you are starting out and are a newbie to the finance ins and out of investments.

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