Andy Wirth – CEO of Squaw Valley Resort

Andy Wirth is a professional businessman and the CEO of the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings who has worked very hard to build the beautiful resort into what it is today. The Squaw Valley Resort is nestled in the beautiful Olympic Valley with its hard to beat views and popular winter activities. Many people from all over the world travel to the area to take part in the wonderful resort and the activities it has to offer. Andy Wirth has spent much of his life in the historical parks and outdoor industry and has continued to combine efforts of production placed towards the famous resort.

Wirth was born and raised in Germany with a history of the outdoor industry braised in his family roots. He traveled to the Colorado State University to pursue his education. After graduating with his degree, he moved to Steamboat, Colorado, where he began his career in the industry. He worked there for many years before making the transition as the CEO of Squaw Valley Resort. Wirth is also a major provider and contributor to environment activities and foundations along with community service organizations. His efforts are focused in the Lake Tahoe area where he strives to improve the environment in general for people and their communities. Wirth was involved in a near fatal skydiving accident that forever changed his life for the better. He started an organization called the “Wounded Warrior Support” in efforts to help raise money for the Navy SEALS.

Wirth’s latest project at the Squaw Valley Resort involves a gondola that will connect the Squaw Valley Resort to its sister resort in the area. More outdoor enthusiasts will find that the convenience offered via the gondola will prove to be a hug asset to the community as they travel throughout the areas enjoying both resorts. It’s something that has been talked about for quite some time, and Wirth is pleased to make the announcement that actions are set in place and construction has started. Many are excited about the opportunity that it allows, and will now have the ability to enjoy both resorts and really enhance their experience of the beauty and the activities.

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Raj Fernando and His Charitable Deeds

Before the commencement of his career, Raj Fernando volunteered at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and later served in various organizations on the Chicago Board of Trade from 1991 to 2001. Raj founded Chopper Trading in 2002 and under his leadership, Chopper Trading employed over 250 professionals while trading on LSE, Eurex, Cantor Fitzgerald-espeed, ICAP-Broketek, and CME. Raj highly contributed to the works of US Commodity Trading Features Commission (CFTC), by supporting its vision and mission of competitive, transparent and financially sound markets. Fernando spoke on the Commission’s topic of disruptive trading practices as a featured panelist. He provided sound advice on current market trends in the industry.

According to Fernando, the nature of business at Chopper Trading can be stressful and demanding. That is why he focuses on recruiting the best team players. Fernando focuses on creating a conducive working environment for his employees. The rule of hiring employees includes weeding out the non-focused team and retaining the determined prospects.

In 2013, Raj Fernando spoke to an international audience of media and shareholders at the annual Rosenblatt Global Exchange Leader Conference in an exclusive forum. Fernando traded Chopper Trading to DR Trading Group in 2015 and launched an Internet startup called Scoutahead, an organization formed to improve professional and corporate growth via innovative and secure systems in the industry. Fernando is the chief executive officer and Founder of Scoutahead. He supports many charitable organizations in the United States and Chicago. Not only is Fernando on the board of trustees in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra but also serves as a member of the Council for PAWS Chicago, an animal protection organization.

About Raj Fernando
Raj attended the Beloit College where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in history and economics. Raj continued his studies at the University College London. He continues to give back to the society by donating to charitable organizations.

Fernando supported the Bill Clinton Foundation, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metropolitan Chicago and Wounded Warriors. He is a board member of the directors of the American Security Project and part of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. He serves at the Brookings Institution as a committee member of the Foreign Policy Leadership.

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Eric Pulier Started On The Journey Towards Entrepreneurial Success Young

Eric Pulier is a very talented individual, being known in the field of technology and business because of his ambitious innovations. He has been highly successful as an entrepreneur as well as public speaker in different places around the world, along with his activities in philanthropy. His most recent activity is at Stemulis, where he current works as the company’s Chief Executive.

Eric Pulier has a deep and long background in technology, since starting back in elementary school, Eric was learning how to program and encode computers at an age when most kids don’t know how to properly use one. Throughout his academic career, Eric always showed off his technological prowess. This can be seen most from when he started up his own company while still in high school and doing his homework. After finishing his basic education, Eric went on to attend the University of Harvard and earn a degree.

Over the course of his career, Eric has founded more than a dozen different technological companies, such as Digital Evolution, US, Interactive, and Desktone. On top of that, Eric is also a member for different advisory and executive boards, such as Logic Library and Santa Monica Media.

Eric is focused on more than just his technological talent and success in business, as he is actively trying to help people and give back to people in need. He works to find different possible solutions for problems all around the world. On top of this, he’s made several donations that were extremely generous to different organizations, such as the Starlight Foundation, which is an association dedication to helping children with chronic conditions.

As a member for the Clinton Global Initiatives, Eric was able to start a project of his own for cloud computing, a method of collecting data from internet servers and networks. If that wasn’t enough, Eric Pulier and the US Doctors for Africa teamed up to create solutions and provide new medical advancements.

Follow Eric on Facebook to stay up to date on his endeavors.

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Highland Capital Management’s Chartable Budget Has Grown To More Than $3 Million According To CEO Jim Dondero

The Dallas Foundation under the leadership of President and CEO Mary Jalonick has been a longtime supporter of health care, education and veteran initiatives in the Dallas area. Jim Dondero, the CEO of Highland Capital Management and his executive team, have the same charitable interest and a $3 million annual philanthropic budget, so Dondero decided to join forces with the Dallas Foundation and support the same civic organizations. Some of those organizations are the Dallas Zoo, the Perot Museum, and the Bush Presidential Library. Dondero helped Jalonick hire Linda Owen recently to help the Dallas Foundation. Owen is the former president of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation, and she will focus on Highland Capital’s philanthropic budget so it is used to improve the quality of life in Dallas.

The team of Mark Okada and James Dondero have made a huge impact on the hedge fund industry as well as the Dallas Community. Okada and Dondero are the co-founders of Highland Capital Management. Highland Capital Management is the Texas-based investment firm that has offices in Sao Paulo, New York, Singapore, and Seoul. Over the last 11 years, Highland Capital has grown from a new start-up to a major investment firm that has more than $17 billion in assets under management. One of the most recent investments that put smiles on the faces on all of Highland Capital’s limited partners was the firm’s investment in Argentina debt bonds.

Dondero decided to put $4 billion into Argentina debt bonds in 2014, and that was considered a very risky move by the four hedge funds that lost a bundle when the former president of Argentina, Cristina de Kirchner, decided to default on the country’s bonds. But the Highland Capital investment paid a 25 percent annualized return the first year. When the new President of Argentina, Mauricio Marci put new bonds on the international market in 2016, Dondero and Okada jumped in with both feet and bought more bonds.

At the recent Alpha Hedge West conference in San Francisco, Mark Okada said that hedge fund managers must give up the passive management style and go back to the alpha style. The alpha style is using their investment skills to produce the kind of returns investors expect these days. Chasing passive assets is over. Hedge fund managers must get more creative if they want their hedge funds and charitable contributions to grow.

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Overview on DIVERSANT and John Goullett

DIVERSANT is an IT staffing agency operating in the U.S. and is a Minority Owned Business Enterprise that is fully certified. It is also the biggest It staffing firm owned by African-Americans in the U.S. The firm offers a wide array of scalable diversity and IT staffing products that include direct hire, innovative diversity solutions and IT staff augmentation. The company’s products and services are usually based on the original methodologies that are transformative and aimed at satisfying the needs of associates and clients as well as their communities. The firm thrives on using a consultative kind of approach that involves engaging clients like real business partners.

DIVERSANT assists clients to solve some critical issues affecting them rather than just acting like normal commodity suppliers. The firm believes in diversity in all forms which lead to greater opportunities for partners and consultants, as well as clients who get additional innovative solutions. Diversity encourages innovation, creative thinking and effective problem solving.

About John Goullet

John Goullet is the DIVERSANT Principal. He had founded Info Technologies back in 1994 and was its Chief Executive Officer. He first served as a Computer Consultant and then went on to become an IT staffing account executive and then went on to start his IT staffing company in the year 1994. John founded Info Technologies after amassing enough understanding of the emerging market trends. At Info Technologies, he focused mainly on learning the climate of the corporate world and the needs in IT staffing that his clients had before matching them with the work style and personality of the consultants. He also considered the skill sets to ensure that they met the client’s needs.

Goullet is the current Chairman of the DIVERSANT firm and has managed to grow Info Technologies into an organization that has won several awards. The firm has been cited on two occasions by the Inc. Magazine’s Incorporated 500 to being among the fastest growing private companies. Recently in 2010, Gene and John merged DIVERSANT Inc. and Info Technologies to form the present DIVERSANT LLC. In his capacity as the Principal, he is able to progress his passion for offering new solutions to the challenges experienced in the IT marketplace that is ever-evolving.

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Obtaining Flawless Skin with Makari Skin Lightening

There are many things women can do restore radiance to their skin. It’s all about keeping a faithful skin regimen and a wisely choosing facial products to cleanse, exfoliate and neutralize uneven coloration. Listed below are absolute “musts” for gorgeous skin according to Good Housekeeping:

1. Be sure to drink fluids.

According to Joanna Vargas, skincare facials based in NYC, “Drink a shot of chlorophyll every morning to brighten, oxygenate, and hydrate your skin; drinking chlorophyll also helps drain puffiness by stimulating the lymphatic system, so it’s also good for cellulite.” She also recommends green juices containing vegetables to nourish the skin. In addition, always drink 8 glasses of water daily to fill in those sagging spaces under the skin that create wrinkles.

2. Moisturizer every morning and night.

Dr. Janet Prystowsky, a dermatologist from NYC advises, “The best times to moisturize are right after you get out of the shower and right before you go to bed.” Gentle, fragrance-free moisturizers are the wisest choice, because they can be used daily with zero irritation.

3. Use the proper cleanser

California dermatologist, Dr. Ava Shamban says, “For oily or acne prone skin, a salicylic gel or benzoyl peroxide wash works great.” She continues, “For dry mature skin, use either a moisturizing glycolic or milky cleanser. For skin with brown spots or melasma, use a brightening wash, such as an alpha hydroxy acid cleanser.”

4. Eat Healthy

Joanna Vargas advises consuming omega-3 fatty acid, saying “Your skin has a natural barrier to retain moisture, and essential to that is omega-3 fatty acid.” She says, “Flax seeds on your salad or even walnuts will be an instant boost to your omega-3, thus increasing your skin’s ability to hold onto moisture.”

No matter what your skin-needs are, Makari de Suisse has what you need. It has a life-changing reputation for beautifying diverse faces, worldwide. It has everything from cleansing and bathing, to skin whitening products such as its Clarifying Whitening Exfoliating Antiseptic Soap and Body Beautifying Whitening Milk; Makari has you covered for all facets of skin-care.

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Reasons to Buy Lip Balm Products At Mass Retailers

There are a lot of different places to buy lip balm products. One great place to buy lip balm is at mass retailers such as Target and Walmart. These stores offer a a lot of different brands of lip balm. Here are some reasons to buy lip balm at mass retailers.
One reason to buy lip balm products at mass retailers is they have a lot of different brands to choose from. These stores often have the widest variety of products and brands. You can find exactly what you need at these stores.

Another reason to buy lip balm products at mass retailers it they are really affordable. Mass retailers often have the best regular prices on lip balm products and certain brands. They also offer sales regularly so that you can score some great deals. If you shop at Target you can get gift cards for buying a certain amount of lip balm products at certain times of the year. You can also use their Red Card to get five percent off your purchase. By taking advantage of these offers you can get some really affordable lip balm.

You should buy lip balm products at mass retail stores because it’s convenient. These type of stores are available in most cities in the United States. Not only are they located close but they are very easy to get in and out of fast.

If you are looking for a great brand of lip balm you should check out Evolution of Smooth at your local retail store. This brand has a line of organic lip balm. They have fun and unique sphere containers to hold their product.

This brand uses mostly natural ingredients such as Shea butter. It is hypoallergenic as well. If you are looking for a great brand check out EOS. Visit the website,



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Luxurious Shared Office Space in Manhattan Breeds Community with Success


There is a new trend starting in the business world. A trend that was not easily forecasted, but has seen dynamic results. At times, work in an office environment can seem dull, monotonous, and uninspiring. To combat this, many independent professionals have found that joining a co-working space has brought out a new vigor and creative ingenuity in them, while also generating a new level of productivity. These co-working spaces can be defined as a group of diverse freelancers and remote workers who work together in a communal setting. A Harvard Business Review article, titled, ‘Why People Thrive in Co-working Spaces,’ delved deeper inside this issue to explain why this may be happening.

After interviewing many co-working space founders and managers of such communities, the results showed three main reasons why people thrived in this environment rather than a traditional office setting.

The first reason deals with people seeing their work as meaningful. In a community setting, where competition takes a back seat to diversity and a strong sense of character, people are able to take joy in their work and feel they are a part of a greater movement.

Next, the control one has over the hours they work, the breaks they take throughout the day and the environment they surround themselves in, can never be oversold.

Lastly, feeling part of a community is a huge reason why co-working spaces seem to thrive and lead to more productive work. These connections generate ideas and cultivate an environment of creativity and togetherness. Not only that, but people are free to choose when and how much of these interactions they want to incorporate in their daily routine.

For these reasons, many traditional companies are adapting a more communal type work setting. Many will have employees use co-working spaces as an alternative to their office cubicle. They are looking to increase productivity, attract new employees who enjoy flexibility, spark new ideas and give their employees the structure, purpose and meaning to their job that they so desperately seek.

Workville‘s New York offices for rent have not only developed an environment where free thinking and independent minds join to create a culture of success, but has done so in the lap of luxury. Equipped with three outdoor terraces, a café and a lounge area, Workville provides its talented occupants with the perfect atmosphere where their talents can bloom.

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Enjoying a Summer at the Squaw Alpine Lake Tahoe Vacation Resort

Sometimes people will go on vacation and find themselves looking for something to do when they get to their vacation spot. This can be quite a pity when it comes to all the money that is spent on traveling. The cost of renting a vehicle or buying a plane ticket can be quite high. There is also a fair amount of money that will have to be spent on lodging. There is nothing worse than getting to the location and discovering that you still have to search for some activities to engage in.

People that plan trips to the Squaw Alpine Lake Tahoe Vacation Resort do not have this problem. They will quickly see that there is no shortage of activity at this resort. In fact, there are probably more activities than the average vacationer can squeeze in during this time frame.

Summer is always a fun time to pack the suitcases and travel to a destination spot like the Squaw Alpine Lake Tahoe Vacation Resort. This is where people go when they don’t want to spend a lot of time searching for activities all over town. The Squaw Alpine Lake Tahoe Vacation Resort has everything that people would need right there on the resort. There are nice restaurants for guests that get a little hungry in between the activities. The ski resort in California also has some free yoga classes and hiking activities. Rock climbing is a lot of fun for some couples, and aerial tram rides provide awesome mountain views with a 360 degree perspective.

Some might say that there is never a dull moment at the Squaw Alpine Lake Tahoe Vacation Resort. You can go and get on the slopes if skiing is your thing or you can walk out on the green and play a game of golf. This is often the reason that this resort works out so well for friends that come in large groups. Everyone doesn’t have to spend all of their time doing the same things. There is a lot of diversity here. Some people put on their ski boots and goggles while others put on their roller skates and knee pads. Still, there are others that may have the desire to put on their golf shoes to play golf. There are even some people that make the decision to take their shoes off completely and attend yoga classes. All of this is available here.

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Mike Baur Offers His Talents

Talent comes in many forms. One person may have a talent for art while another has a talent for words or the ability to learn many languages. Most people have some kind of talent in some form. One person. He who has a talent for numbers and the ability to spot that talent in others as well as entrepreneur Mike Baur. Baur, a Swiss national, is someone who loves being able to help spot others who also share his viewpoint and his love of business. He wants to help search for potential business talent and also help bring it out at the same time. It is this passion that is something that he loves to do and looks forward to doing in order to help people in his native land.

A Background In The Field

Baur is someone who loves what he does. He has been part of the world of banking for over twenty years. During this time, he has been part of many companies. His efforts at financing have helped offer people the kind of assistance they need to start businesses of all kinds. In Switzerland, capital is everywhere. The famous Swiss banking industry is one that the entire world looks to when deciding on places to seek financing for any idea. Baur is very much part of this world. As such, he knows how to work within this area in order to help get the leverage necessary to get financing for any idea a person may have. Mike Baur knows that it is possible to use this industry and use his understanding of it to get important and impressive results.

The Start Up Factory

It was with this idea in his mind that he began the Start Up Factory. The factory is all about finding good people who have great ideas and helping people develop those ideas really well. Under his supervision, many people of many varied backgrounds, have found the help they need to consider the kind of funding that might be right for them. His work is particularly focused on helping people succeed in the digital arena. This is where he sees the most potential growth in the world right now. The digital arena is one that offers intensive potential in his view, allowing people to reach out to consumers all over the world and offer them new kinds of products they might want to consider buying.

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